Rs. 20 Lakh Crores Economic Package To Be Provided, Prime Minister Announced

Rs. 20 Lakh Crores Economic Package To Be Provided, Prime Minister Announced

Indian prime minister Shri Narendra Modi announced a total economic package of INR 20 Lakh Crores (10% of GDP) is to be provided to help restore stability in the country. 

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman today will share the details of the Rs 20 lakh crore economic stimulus package. 

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Prime Minister’s address was focused on self reliance to promote Make in India & Made in India products and to grab the opportunities looking forward from forthcoming  vacuum emerging in European & American markets to be replaced by Indian products.

Let us see at a glance of Prime Minister’s speech

India has to move towards self-sufficient and self-sustained India. It has to be work on the five pillars of economy, infrastructure, technology driven governance, demography and demand to attract investments in India.

A total economic package of INR 20 lakh crores (10% of GDP) is to be provided to help restore stability in the country.

This package of 20 lakhs crore in 2020 will infuse new life in Economy. Kutir, graha, msme, kisan, middle class tax payer, etc taken care off.

Five pillars – economy, infrastructure, systems, demography & demand.

The package will be for everyone including MSME industry, middle class tax payers, migrant workers etc.

The measures will include land, labour, liquidity and laws to provide impetus to the country.

Depending on the suggestions by the Chief Ministers – a Lockdown 4.0 strategy will be announced before 18 May 2020. It can be expected that the lockdown 4.0 will be very different from the previous ones.

Regret loss of lives – the virus destroyed the world.  Exclusive challenge & out of world crises, but we will fight.

Save our self & move ahead.  21st century belongs to India.

India is determined & dedicated towards world peace – we helped world to come out of Y2K crises. India has to be self reliant – opportunity must not be lost.

Proud that India is manufacturing 2 lakhs N95 mask & PPE on daily basis.

Believe in world peace & world victory & progress as world is one big family & Earth is our mother.

International solar alliance & yoga day is gift to world by India.  World believes that India can do a lot for world betterment.

Strive to improve existing supply chain. Demand & supply chain to be robust with full exploitation.

Economy of quantum jump,  Infrastructure of modern tech,  Systems of tech driven.

Poor &  kissan benefited even when all government offices were closed due to various schemes & reforms.

Reforms to attract investment, boost make in Indian economy & global.

Nation has felt the absence of small time roadside vendors, workers , fishermen in these days. They need to be looked after.
Local has saved us in crises thus Local has to be saved & preserved. Global brands were Local initially, but became global.

Indians must be vocal about our local products and make them a success.

Handloom & khadi is success story due to same approach.

CORONA will be part of Life for long time but we will win by following all norms. Details of Lock Down 4.0 will be given before 18 May. Let us do what’s in our hands and not wait for long to make India totally self reliant. Take care & keep safe.

This News is Brought to You by SATiiTV.COM
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