Small Screen Device Most Preferred Medium of Entertainment For New Consumers

Small Screen Device Most Preferred Medium of Entertainment For New Consumers

The future is exciting – for consumers, for marketers and for content platforms. With affordable smartphones and abundant access to data, the small screen is becoming the preferred medium of entertainment for new consumers.

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Video entertainment ecosystems have rarely evolved faster than what we are witnessing in India.  Consumers across different demographics and geographies are more accessible than ever before and the propositions to these consumers are being reimagined through an enterprising mix of content and technology.

Until a few years ago, online entertainment was restricted to the urban affluent. However, we now see newer horizons of  customer reach, with non-metro towns driving online consumption. Digital viewership among women has also grown by leaps and bounds.

Moreover, Hotstar’s pan-India consumer base reveals how each person has unique and individual choices – men are watching drama and movies from the South are being consumed in the North. While the enchantment of cricket remains unabated, customers are increasingly getting attracted to kabaddi and football.

The new Indian consumer is breaking old stereotypes and defying conventional wisdom. The realm of consumer experience has stretched beyond providing mobility and convenience. Today’s consumers want a voice of their own and are not satisfied with passive experiences. They want to interact with the screen, express their opinions, and live the moment with friends and family. Online viewing is becoming both an immersive and a social experience.

Sharp customer insights and deeper customer engagement, when powered by enhanced technological capabilities, will open new possibilities for marketers, who can now run targeted marketing campaigns at scale during live events.

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