TRAI New Tariff Order (NTO 2): Cable TV Monthly Bill To Reduce By 14%

TRAI New Tariff Order (NTO 2): Cable TV Monthly Bill To Reduce By 14%

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) will implement the National Tariff Order (NTO) 2.0 for Cable TV & DTH Subscribers. As per TRAI, Cable TV / DTH monthly bill will be reduced by 14%.

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New Tariff Order (NTO 2) will bring many changes and fix some major flaws of NTO 1.0, which became effective last year. After the implementation of NTO 1.0, many Cable TV & DTH subscribers stopped renewing their monthly subscription due to various reasons like sub-par implementation and customer support, increased monthly bills, and more.

NTO 2.0 is expected to fix a majority of these issues by implementing changes like 200 channels in base Network Capacity Fee slab, 40% Multi TV NCF charges, changes to a-la-carte channels to be included in bouquets and more.

Why NTO 2.0 is Better ?

200 Free To Air (FTA) Channels Will Be Offered in the Base Rs 130 Slab.

At present, TV Viewers / Subscribers get a total of 100 channels in the base slab of Rs 130 (Rs 153 including taxes) and Rs 23 will be added every month for every slab of 25 channels. It is also worth noting that one HD channel shall be treated as two SD channels.

TRAI has brought a major change with NTO 2.0. The regulator decided that every Cable TV, DTH operator should provide 200 channels in the base NCF slab of Rs 130. So viewers will get double FTA channels at the same price, which is a good thing and ultimately result in the lower monthly subscription price.

Multi TV Users to Pay 40% Network Capacity Fee of Primary Connection.

Prices of A-la-Carte Channels to Come Down

TRAI will not allow broadcasters to include a-la-carte or individual channels priced above Rs 12 in their bouquets, meaning broadcasters will have to slash the prices of popular channels to get them included in the bouquet packs. Further, TRAI also urged that the sum of a-la-carte channels forming a bouquet should not exceed one and a half times of the bouquet’s overall price.

The regulator went with the move because broadcasters are providing up to 80% discounts on bouquets and forcing users to stay away from individual channels. The main motto of TRAI NTO is to give the freedom to customers on what they want to watch.

These are the three significant differences which will be part of NTO 2.0 and ultimately said to reduce DTH/Cable TV monthly subscription priced by up to 14%.

TRAI NTO 2.0 was scheduled to come into effect on 1st March, 2020, but broadcasters are yet to announce their new channel packs incompliance with NTO 2.0.

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