Truecaller Testing VoIP Calling Feature to Take on WhatsApp

Truecaller Testing VoIP Calling Feature to Take on WhatsApp

Available for select users at the moment, Truecaller Voice, which is the company’s VoIP calling service allows users to make calls through internet for free.

Caller ID service, Truecaller is now testing a new service called ‘Truecaller Voice‘ which will offer VoIP calling service to the app users. Truecaller Voice is currently available for select premium members, and if it rolls out to the public, the service may be limited to Truecaller Premium users itself. With Truecaller Voice, users will be able to make Voice over Internet calls like WhatsApp and Duo audio calling feature. At the moment, the feature is limited to select Truecaller Premium users and it’s also unknown whether the feature is limited to just Android users or not.

Truecaller Voice Feature Coming Soon to Premium Subscribers

Truecaller Premium subscribers can be able to spot the upcoming Truecaller Voice feature on the new version of the mobile app. On the caller profile, there’s a new option called ‘Voice’ which will allow users to make voice calls over the internet to Truecaller users who received the feature. If the voice option is available, then users will be able to the voice calls for free over the internet like WhatsApp voice calling. As noted, the feature is not yet made available for every Truecaller user, but it’s rolled out to select Truecaller Premium members.

The call quality over Truecaller Voice feature is decent too, but it will be interesting to see how it fares once the feature comes out of testing phase.

Truecaller Adding More Features to its Mobile App

Over the last one year, Truecaller has made a name for itself in the industry that it’s not just a Caller ID service anymore. Truecaller rolled out Truecaller Pay service last year, which allows users to make payments via the application using UPI service. And now, it’s testing Truecaller Voice service which will be rolled out to the public in the coming days.

Also, Truecaller’s Premium service has been discounted by a huge margin right now. Very recently, Truecaller increased the price of its premium service to Rs 49 from the earlier Rs 30 charges. However, the annual Truecaller Premium membership is now available at just Rs 19 per month, which takes the overall price of the membership to Rs 224.50 (including taxes). It’s a good deal for those who’re looking to buy the Truecaller membership now. That said, there’s a Truecaller Gold membership as well which is priced at Rs 4,999 per year.

With Truecaller Premium service, the company is bundling voice recording, incognito mode, who viewed my profile, premium badge, contact requests, and more importantly, it provides ad-free experience to the users.

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