TV Channel Prices May Easy Off Soon

TV Channel Prices May Easy Off Soon

Information & Broadcasting (I&B) Minister Shri Prakash Javadekar said that the TV channel prices have risen up under the new tariff regime, are expected to easy off for TV Viewers.

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The minster said that the new framework is successful in establishing harmonised business processes in the sector, level playing field among stakeholders, reduced disputes among stakeholders, transparency in TV channel pricing, better tax compliance and reduced entry barrier.

TV channel prices

TRAI has conducted survey through an independent agency for gauging consumers’ view with respect to new regulatory framework for Broadcasting & Cable TV services. The survey confirms that new regulatory framework has been good for different stakeholders including consumers, Javadekar stated.

He has admitted that the MIB has received complaints about the increase in TV subscription rates post the implementation of the NTO.

Few complaints have been received from the consumers regarding increase in price after implementation of the new regulatory framework. These complaints were analysed. In some cases, it was noticed that broadcasters have increased the prices of their popular channels and in some subscription prices of multi TV homes have also increased, he added.

Javadekar ji also said that the TRAI has released a Consultation Paper on Tariff related issues for Broadcasting and Cable services seeking comments from the stakeholders. Through this consultation, TRAI calls upon all stakeholders to participate and provide their considered inputs duly supported with analytical details and data points to enable meaningful outcomes. Accordingly, the TV channel prices are expected to easy off to the TV Viewers.

He also stated..

The main objectives of new regulatory framework are to ensure:

(i) Transparency, non-discrimination, non-exclusivity for all Stakeholders in the value chain.

(ii) Adequate and real choice to TV Viewers / Subscribers / Customers.

(iii) Alignment of commercial interests of Broadcasters & Distributors of television channels to enable the distributors of television channels to recover their network and distribution cost and the broadcasters to monetize their channel prices.

(iv) Reduction in disputes among stakeholders.

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