Views on TRAI’s NTO 2.0 Press Release Dated: 13 January, 2020

Views on TRAI’s NTO 2.0 Press Release Dated: 13 January, 2020

Press release of TRAI is a summary of their regulation No 1 of 2020. They have envisaged empowerment of subscriber in facility to select the programs in PAY or FTA category, counting in numbers for 200 for Rs 130/- ,225 for Rs 150/- and unlimited for Rs 160/-.

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This NCF is supposed to cater for operating multi-channel, multi- program addressable Headend & HFC network comprising 80% stranding by Headend Service Provider and 20% by LCO in their area of networking.

Network Capacity Fee (NCF) appears to be covering program aggregation and transportation expenses over CATV distribution platform. The basis for arriving at these figures is not disclosed. Local Cable Operators (LCOs) had represented in Open House Discussions that they were giving discounts on monthly subscriptions being charged by them for additional TV sets in same household and that NTO 1 treating every Set Top Box as a separate viewer compromised the subsidy offered by LCOs at their will.

Such subsidy was becoming a casualty in NCF as envisaged in NTO1. It seems in response to that crib, they have liberalised number of programs in NCF and provided for discounts. Further mandated content has been excluded from program count. There is no change in billing for PAY content. Other these provisions for subscriber there is nothing else in the press release.

Views of  Lt. Col. VC Khare (Retd) sent through WhatsApp

To View The Press Release Issued by TRAI, Dated: 13 January, 2020, Please Click Here

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