World’s First Ever Space Hotel With Artificial Gravity Will Launch in 2025

World’s First Ever Space Hotel With Artificial Gravity Will Launch in 2025

World’s First Ever Space Hotel With Artificial Gravity Will be Launched in 2025. The hotel will have almost all the amenities that are available on Earth, except probably a pool, but the weightlessness in space is a much better experience.

The Von Braun Station designed by the Gateway Foundation is a commercial hotel that will be able to accommodate 400 people. The commercial hotel is expected to be ready by 2025 with completely operational kitchens, restaurants and cinemas. The hotel is designed around two ring structures that will allow the outer ring to rotate around the inner ring to create artificial gravity that is similar to what will be experienced on the Moon. The technology used is similar to what is used on the International Space Station, but on the Von Braun, the artificial gravity will allow guests to walk around normally. It will make it feasible for staff or guests to live on the space station for a long duration comfortably.

The hotel has been designed in a 190 metre diameter wheel shape which will contain 24 modules that will have all the accommodation facilities. Some rooms will be a permanent residence, while some will be rented out to space agencies. The rest of the rooms will be available for space tourists to spend a couple of days on the ultimate cruise that will be traversing in the cosmos. These rooms will be decorated with soft furnishings and warm homely colours.

The company expects about 100 guests to visit the space hotel every week. It might be expensive for people but the company claims that eventually it will affordable like any other holiday to Disneyland or a tropical cruise.

The designers also think there will be space for educational seminars in the hotel though.

Once the Von Braun Space Station is up and running, the Gateway Foundation then plans to build an even bigger space hotel that could accommodate up to 1,400 people.

The space hotel is expected to be up and running by 2025 and might deliver the space holiday experience that has been talked about for some years now.

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