How to Get Lowest Pricing on Your Cable TV / DTH Monthly Billing with TRAI Channel Selector App. ?

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The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) introduced the new pricing regime keeping TV Viewers benefited / interest in mind. TRAI wants the TV Viewers / Subscribers / Consumers to have a smooth transition to the new channels packs. It is worth noting that previously the subscribers were used to paying a monthly rental for the channels they were watching, and the Broadcasters, Cable TV / DTH Service providers used to provide many channels. The Broadcasters and DTH Service providers had their advertising revenue in this system. Now with the new regime in place, doing that will be severe for any parties. Viewers will now be in control of what channels they pay for, and they will also have full transparency regarding the pricing of these channels.

What is TRAI Channel Selector App. ?

To help the TV viewers in migrating to this new channel packs, TRAI has launched a channel selector app. This channel selector app. is available on TRAI official website, and it is a simple way for the TV viewers to go through this process and list out their favorite channels before finalizing them. This channel selector app. will allow the viewers to get right pricing for their selection and also to have an estimate about how much they have to pay every month to their Cable TV / DTH Service Provider.

How to Use TRAI Channel Selector App. ?

First click on “Get Started” button on the channel selector website, you will be asked to fill all your details i.e. Name, Mobile No. , Service provider details & Previous bill amount. You can decide to fill in these details or leave them out entirely as they are optional. You will be asked about your residence, state. Accordingly it will suggest you depending on your region so this is one option you might consider filling in. Depending on your selection of state,  various languages including regional ones choice will be given.

In the next page, you will be asked to select among multiple genres like News, Music, Devotion, Sports and more.

Lastly, you will be asked to choose channels HD, SD or Both.

It is worth noting that all the options up till now are optional, so you can make your selections to narrow down your choices or skip them all.

After making the above choices, the channel selector app. will finally be on the screen now. We recommend that you start by making choices in the Free to Air channel tab. On top of your screen, you will be able to see your total selections under the “Channels Selected” area. This area will also display the total prices of your selection. The total FTA channels listed in this section is 550. After making the selection from the FTA section, you can navigate to the “Pay Channels” tab to select your a-la-carte channels (individual choice).

Now you will be able to choose your Favorite channels depending on Language, Quality (HD or SD), genres, Price and Broadcasters. Go through this list to find your Favorite channels and add them to your cart keeping a check on your monthly rental on top of the screen. Then go to the “Channel Bouquet List” to search various packs worth adding after you made all your selections then tap “My Selection” button present on the upper menu.
Here get an overview of your favorite channels selection; this page will also show the following details:

1. No. of Pay Channels,
2. No. of Free To Air Channels,
3. No. of 25 Mandatory Channels
Along with the monthly pricing, with and without taxes. Take an overview to either eliminate channels or go back to add more.

How to Lower Your Monthly Bill on Channel Selector App. ?

Now after selecting & finalizing, tap on the Optimise Button. This  will eliminate all your repetitive additions in the cart, and will find out if you could replace your group of individual channels by a bouquet which is more affordable and a better option. This way you can get the lowest prices on your selection as individually selecting channels might lead to a higher monthly bill.

Now Freezing / Finalizing Your Favorite New Channel Packs & Channels

After finalizing your channels and optimizing the bill print your channel selection or save it on your mobile / laptop / computer devices. Then login / go to your DTH or Cable TV Service Provider’s website to register the final selection. Copy all your choices  that you made from your TRAI application list along with the bouquets and FTA channels onto your service providers (DTH / Cable TV) website and finalize your order.

Now wait for your service providers to update these channels on your Set top Box which may take few hours.

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