Human Life At Risk, Govt. Sends Notice To Leading Mobile Manufacturers

Human Life At Risk

Taking a tough stand, the government has ordered all leading mobile phone manufacturers, majority of them Chinese, to provide some details about safety and security practices they undertake during production. The government of India will soon introduce standalone security standards for mobile phones. Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister of State for Law and IT said during an event that “all mobile…

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Facebook Profile Picture Guard Protect Your Profile Picture From Being Misused

Facebook Profile Picture Guard

Facebook announced it is piloting new tools in India that can prevent the misuse of profile picture. The social giant said that the feature was rolled out after feedback they received from users in India. The new feature gives more control to users by limiting who can download and share their profile pictures. Facebook announced the new Photo Guard tool,…

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Hackers Revealed The Secrets Of Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones

After initial hack and ransom request, TV network suffers separate breach of social media accounts amid embarrassing leaks of unaired shows. Several HBO Twitter accounts were hacked and taken over by the notorious OurMine hacking group, posting #HBOHacked messages and warnings about security. OurMine took control of the main HBO Twitter account, as well as those for TV shows including…

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The Growing Threat Of Cyber Attacks Data Needs To Be Protected By More Comprehensive Laws

Post demonetization, the government has initiated a timely and much needed measure to increase digital payment options to weed out black money and corruption from public life. As an integral part of the government’s move to take the country towards a total cashless economy, these measures would change the quality of life of citizens. One area that demands immediate attention…

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IP Security Camera & IP Camera Packages Has Become Everyday’s Need

IP Video solutions are increasingly being used in several industries due to its numerous benefits. You can easily keep a check on activities happening at a remote location by using IP video surveillance system. This system also scores over the old analog CCTV systems. IP is a very flexible and affordable surveillance technology and you can easily check the recorded…

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Cyber Crime To Grow Across All Segments Advanced Security Measures Need To Be Taken

Asia faces one of the severest security situations in the world, with spreading cyber crimes posing an unprecedented challenge for policing, the Interpol said. Cyber crime operations typically have teams dedicated to looking at open source intelligence, targets’ physical environments, weaknesses in supply chains, and potential collaborators inside target organisations to enable sophisticated, blended attacks that involve a combination of…

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Cyber Security To Account For 1 Million Jobs In India By 2025

Increasing incidents of cyber attacks and data protection efforts globally are expected to create $35 billion revenue opportunity and employment opportunities for about a million professionals by 2025 for India, IT industry body Nasscom said on Monday. “We estimate that cyber security is about $2.5-3 billion or about 2 per cent of the close to USD 150 billion Indian IT…

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Increasing Rate Of Cyber Crime And The Growing Threat To Data Security

As much as the internet is helping us improve our daily lives, it is not immune to threats that arise due to weak data security and their at-times unfortunate consequences. That is why several famous online portals, and especially ones that use real money like, are these days opting for stringent security measures.But that does not mean that users can…

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