Cover Story – Amit Kumar Dev

Cover Story - Amit Kumar Dev

After 34 years Professional media-career on front-line, of Asian market upsurge, having made over 500 key-note speeches to present explanatory thoughts and exploratory ideas world-over, enjoyed transformation at market place; as multiple innovative ideas were key to skill enhancement, with self-growth within major sector dynamics. Fortunate to be involved with many pioneering projects in the fields of Mobile Communication, Broadcasting Channels, Information technology & VSAT convergence applications as the strength domains; keenly learning many of those emerging dimensions, effectively leveraged in current global activities involved at summit-tier of honor and citation. Thought leader for Digital transformation schemes involved as an External Director, Corporate Mgmt cum Technological Consultant in past; played a key role as Futurist-mentor for several Trade-forum networking through eminent skill-experts, as active know-how assimilation efforts; recently resulting in Consortium approach for major Apex-chambers to sign-up 3years contract for provisioning of Internet TV platform & Social media presence strategy for globalization as objective.

1) Can you share with us, what new project your company is doing now days?

This latest project is currently confidential of sorts till the client makes their announcement, which is likely to be near end of July 2016 but the scope of trade attention is on Internet TV (not IPTV, as I tried in my old Time Broad-band Services ’04 with four PSU entities) but innovative ways of interactive digital platform to empower myriad of Content delivery network service over the high-speed Internet link as carrier, which in many ways resemble “Formula1” track; over which we see frontiers of achievement, recorded worldwide, by participants using different types of super-cars – here it’s superlative premium-tier content!

2) What Services / Solutions do you offer for small and medium businesses?

Full range of Integrated Voice, Video & Data certainly enables multiple revenues for all of Micro, Small and Medium enterprises in digital domain of Media convergence, very likely to happen by the year 2017, as smaller-scale interpretation of the elaborate vision of “Digital India”! Later, we can duly speak on the vertical quality aspects and horizontal reach potentials of Digital in the perspective of Digital India vision propagated, from peak level.

3) What New / Latest Products / Services is your company planning to offer / launch for its customers this year? And why do you think that your customers would opt for your Products / Services instead of other competitors?

In India, we have various digital & internet based services already available in the crowded market; so there is no point in launching another ‘me-too’ service. So we have decided to launch a clearly international standard inter-active package concept of Video over internet; which will serve the community of cable tv operators reaching out to capture qualitative end of customer pyramid. As 1st-ever commercial forum vertically throwing light on business opportunities ahead of us and enables Collaborative deployment for achieving new milestones in corporate Sponsoring journey!

4) What role do you see of your company in “Digital India” & “Make in India” initiative of Govt. of India? & how do you plan to take advantage of this great opportunity?

Digital India is a great vision, which has been promoted by our futurist Prime minister and endorsed by economist President of India; who has himself seen the demonstration of all the smart digital services during overseas visit. Inspired by such words now this global concept would be launched in the festive season of this year Oct. ’16 to make a journey towards digital India concept fulfillment in our humble ways for prompt growth organically.

5) With the coming up of smart city projects, what growth will it give to your company?

As mentioned in the last answer, Smart cities across the world have smart interactive digital delivery of services including many content over internet; much of that would be the revenue target of our new project as Capability Enabler for audience and like a digital mode Concierge ot Courier for assured delivery. With the arrival of these smart cities, citizens of such locations would naturally look forward to smart interactive lifestyle, which we would try to bring of superior experiences from different parts of the world selectively and blending it with the Indian values and requirements patterns by intelligent customization, by the team of talented Indian youngsters, via full glory of craft-editing!

6) What role do you think ‘Digital India’ & ‘Make in India’ initiative will play in Smart City Projects & What will be the role of wired and wireless technologies in it?

Most certainly, after two years of living on the edge of doubts, today it’s evident that the? Global acceptance of few slogan-like words have caught on, with the perspective of trade and many new steps confirm my optimism. Due to my activities in state of Gujarat since ’10 and fortunate interactions with then CM, gave me a new light about his absorptive tendencies; certainly these ideas -have power to change our lives and elevate our mother-land.

7) What new opportunities do you see in the Wired & Wireless Industry?

Slowly the backend of technology would aggregate multiple packages of services over the digital internet platform; to be carried by 2 types of last-mile operator namely Cable Operators & Wireless operators. So our company would make just proper consortium plan, with both class of partners in different cities as appropriate from the distribution logic of reaching maximum number of customers and to ensure financial viability in deal.

8) How do you see the overall growth of structured cabling business in India?

Structured cabling within multistoried building & other larger enclosures like College campus, Mall complex, Railway Station, Multiplex location, Stadium enclosure, Airport zone and such places would thrive as wireless signals will naturally face multiple barriers leading to lot of signal fluctuation and consequent call drops as we have duly realized while going through such places with internal walls. The possibility of multi-modal delivery service connecting over Near-field communications?, advanced Blue-tooth, RFID and. WiFi etc are likely to be opted or tried in near future; after the structured cabling would bring the streams to be brought near the Curb or at the location of the NOC/Hub!

9) Can new technologies change the future of wireless communication?

Most obviously, the future belongs to any time, any type, any screen experience for the customers, who would continue to demand better quality of service with more number of channels or wider varity of convenience as they spend their day in office, road, home and club – during the course of their day of action. It may be worth reminding that Premium tariff aspect duly forces smaller penetration for? any maiden services within limits for all upper-class offering but the growth would only be practicable after wider-base of vast majority embraces service uniqueness.

10) What quality of yours or personal trait matters the most in your career?

In my 34 years of career the most important thing enjoyed by me is the learning that i got from my first job in 1982 for bringing the Color TV transmission, to our country during Asian games ’82. The learning journey continues even today, as I have learnt so many things from your questions just now, as they are sure of relevance in the industry of 2016. The other 2 factors which has been always appreciated by my business associates is my keen presentation skill and caring approach for my team members in the search for excellence and constant push for innovation. The most valued possession of mine is the Contact-list of mobile as over 20k friends have confided their mobile and Email IDS; but the experience of raising Project funding 9 times via FDI may be considered most relevant contribution, to my employers!

11) Do you prefer to work independently or with a team?

No question of working independently or alone if you mean that; success in life can only be achieved through concerted team efforts leading to comprehensive progression. Fortunately all through my life to get powerful and trustworthy members? in projects; for example many seniors at ATN & Sun-TV since ’90 – are continuing their association with me, while in between all have worked for eminent projects and carried much mission critical knowledge to effectively lead those verticals helping actively in leap of faith for accomplishing new landmarks.

12) What attracted you to this Satellite, Broadcast & Media Industry in the first place?

In my early years, in fact my second work was for a major North Indian HQ industrial group, who wanted to set up Cable TV in Delhi & it may be pure co-incidence there was suddenly Gulf War; when the First Major interest to watch satellite tv channel was found in India. Fortunate few who were involved with the emergence of that business included me, as an engineer cum strategist interested in creative hobbies, to get involved. Soon the job next was inputs for 1st channel and I got into it rather in lucky way of surviving major catastrophe claiming many lives; so my goal of living changed significantly to orient myself into the Customer-oriented techno application of progressive styles.

13) What is your say on the Phase 4 of Digitisation?

Though , the First 3 Phases of Digitisation were very beneficial to both service providers and digital customers; the Phase 4 with DAS installation in the lower end of the market has faced many resistances, as I heard from friends in this trade, as my personal involvement have been minimal, being mostly away to APAC side – however I am convinced, that my friends from that industry will tide over all such barriers to take digital signals to the far corners of our great nation and enrich life by informing, entertaining and educating as the broad category of knowledge sharing scope.

14) When the consumer asks, “How many different subscriptions do I have to get,” Will we respond by pulling the pieces back together with a unified discovery & subscription model ? And is that really all that different from the “a la carte” model that consumers have been asking for since the earliest days of subscription television?

A lot of water has flown under the bridges since those early days of subscription model & today the metro Audience has matured to the level, where Any Optional process for paying to any service provider or last mile intermediaries; found is not difficult to be provisioned with Win-win balancing of volume discounting! In case of the concept that our planning team have in their mind, to create Convenience oriented multiple genre of pack-ages for different target groups representing multiple verticals of users and various corporate clients needing myriad of activations!

15) Recently there has been a lot of focus on the consumer-facing strategy for OTT and The Virtual MSO: What’s the right product mix? Do you focus on value pricing, premium pricing or competitive pricing? How do consumers find what they want to watch, and how do they pay for it?

The internet tv service, which I am envisaging is actually defined as Over the top service in the current definition, which is growing in popularity as emerging practices across most markets of the world due to many factors of convenience. If those customers find it comfortable and acceptable to them; I am sure all Indian Audience is certainly more capable of choosing the service as I propose to bring in my project as we discussed in the beginning and to convince them in adopting a largely distinguished ways of awareness and depth of realizations, we propose to launch over a dozen of Social media presence to create bonding of fraternity.

16) Which verticals or sectors do you see as the most promising in terms of growth for the next decade?

This is a very dynamic industry and it is even difficult to predict any trend in the content delivery business for more than 2-3 years; I will never try to predict anything which may sound out of place to your readers – I hope we will continue to improvise the package of services, in the near future and upto the end of this decade and be happy to find ourselves being well entrenched as customers of such newly launched services bouquets in future. Here in our project structuring, I may dare say that countries from where we intend to bring policies of participation and vertical of interactions; we would continue to improvise lots of unique variations as well as USPS for strong brand loyalty!

17) What are the major challenges faced by the industry currently?

When any trade passes through the dynamic phase of digital transformation, there would always be massive chaos due to many new learning from modern elements integrated and great re-structuring of roles ANS well as job description. Indian industry is no exception, where it witnessed adoption of new technology in past, for customer delight in audio-visual trade and major growth in mobile adaptation & the trend shift of the preferences in challenging revolution, like metamorphosis?!

18) You are a well known & renowned personality. What is your advice to the industry?

This question is obviously an elaboration on my humble self image and respect for all my fellow media-men, from which ranks I grew with blessings; fortunately, many things happened for growth of industry, when I happen to be in the right time and right place – where I became ‘right man’ by circumstances! It must be strengthened by knowledge and networking, as the big power of collective activism is the key, for unlocking bounties of future prospect and path for winning the revenue frontiers.