Jaime And Cersei – A Different Game Altogether

Perhaps, nothing is a better example of love than that between Jaime and Cersei Lannister.

True, they are twins and this is nothing short of incest.

However, in the words of Cersei herself, who are we to question the love between two individuals who consider themselves above God himself.

We all remember that scene from the first episode of the first season,

“The things I do for love”,

And then Bran falls.

We were shocked to see a man so evil who could throw a mere boy to his death.

And what we could not erase from our mind was the fact that this man could do anything for his love.
He does not care what the world says, does not care what his father thinks of him,
All that he cares about is the well-being of his sister and her children.

Then we come across this little gem, that Jaime says to his beloved to console her:

Fuck prophecy. Fuck fate. Fuck everyone who isn’t us. We’re the only ones who matter, the only ones in this world. And everything they’ve taken from us, we’re gonna take back and more. We’re going to take everything there is.    

We are assured in those moments that Jaime and Cersei, no matter what, are meant to be together.

They came together, they will go together.

Their love is one of the highlights of the show. One of the major plot-lines of the show. A plot-line that is believed, would affect greatly the outcome of the series.

Initially, we saw that their love was unconditional and unquestionable.

But now, after everything they have gone through and everything that Cersei has done, the same cannot be said.

Some decades ago during the rebellion,
Ser Jaime Lannister found the courage to do what was necessary.
He never really cared what the society thought.
But at that moment, he went a step further.
Keeping in mind,
the distrust of his fellow men would follow him forever he plunged his sword into the Mad King.
It was not easy, it was needed.

In the finale, we have seen the atrocity, Cersei has committed.
She has resorted to the way of burning people to get her way.
Instead of reasoning and thinking of a more noble way,
She has preferred to burn to ashes whatever that opposes her.
She would allow nobody to rule if she cannot rule.
Nobody will live, if she cannot live.

In short,
She has become the Mad Queen.

From the first episode of the first season until now,
Cersei has only fallen in the eyes of Jamie.
He has finally realised he can no longer fuck everything and the world just to protect his love.
There are consequences.
Now, he has to face the consequences of his actions.
In the last scene from King’s Landing, Jaime gives the camera a look.
It is the all-knowing look that understands the gravity of the situation.
It is the same look that he must have given to the Mad King.
The look that means what needs to be done will be done.
Duty will hold over honour and love.

So, I think that Cersei will go the same way as the Mad King did.
Same throne,
Same blade,
Same knight.

But what will differ is that the same blade would pierce the heart of the noblest of knights.

And could their be any more beautiful a scene, than that of a single sword plunging into the hearts of two lovers?
Remember Romeo and Juliet.

– Vaibhav Jain

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