Exclusive Interview: Mr. Ankit Chopra

Exclusive Interview: Mr. Ankit Chopra

ankitAnkit Chopra
Director, Keith Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

Q: Can You Share with us What New Project Your Company Is doing now days ?

Ans: We are working on many new projects; some of them are introduction of new products like OTDR, LSPM and other FTTH products. We even plan to manufacture some of these products. We have started providing Equipments on rental basis, Also we have strengthen our repair and maintenance job work.

Q: What Latest / New Products / Services is Fujikura / Keith Electronics planning to offer / launch for its customers this year? And why do you think that your customers would opt for Fujikura products instead of other competitors ?

Ans: We will be coming up with many new products in this coming year, presently we have come up with Fujikura-22S, Fujikura-62S single fiber splicing machines.

In the coming year we will come up with a wide range of FTTH products.

Q: What role do you see of Fujikura in the “Digital India” & “Make in India” initiative of Govt. of India? & How Do you plan to take advantage of this great opportunity ?

Ans: As mentioned we plan to take advantage of “Make in India” initiative, our Manufacturing unit will be functioning in the new financial year.

We plan to manufacture and assemble different FTTH products here in India.

Q: How do you see the overall growth of Fiber Business in India ?

Ans: With the Rise in broadband penetration, digitization of Cable TV and 4G Rollout will boost OFC deployment in India resulting huge investments towards OFC network expansion throughout the country.

In comparison to copper cables, OFC technology delivers much higher bandwidth, which has become extremely vital for supporting burgeoning data traffic.

The OFC market in India is projected to reach USD 424 million by 2020 on account of growing adoption of smart phones, broadband services and upcoming 4G rollout.

In addition, digitization of cable TV network has been mandated in the country, which is further propelling the demand for OFC network. Currently, the major users of OFCs include telecom service providers, internet service providers, multiple system operators, Cable TV operators, defense agencies and PSUs among others.

The Government of India is participating in various telecom support projects such as National Optic Fiber Network (NOFN) to connect Gram Panchayats in rural pockets of India with a principal telecom network, for high speed data transmission and internet services. The NOFN project is expected to be one of the major drivers for OFC installations in India over the next five years.

According to above we believe that India is a booming market for fiber business.

Q: How do you see India’s cable television’s journey from analogue to digital ?

Ans: Television in India is on the threshold of a major transformation as the country embarks on an ambitious project to completely replace the current analogue cable networks with a digital addressable system. Digitalization of TV has given the scope to fiber industry. As customer desires excellent quality of picture view.

Q: Fujikura has been in the splicing machine business for decades now and is seeing significant growth year by year. How do you plan to continue this great royalty ?

Ans: As earlier I said the OFC market in India is projected to reach USD 424 million by 2020 on account of growing adoption of smart phones, broadband services and 4G rollout. In the upcoming years more fiber lines will be spread all over India and hence more splicers will be required for OFC joining.

Q: With the coming up of smart city projects, what growth will it give to your company ?

Ans: Smart city projects will generate the requirement of FTTH installation on OFC which implies  demand of more splicer’s for OFC joining and end point termination at customer premises with the help of field installable connectors.

Q: What Attracted you to this industry ?

Ans: Indian Telecom Industry underwent a high pace of market liberalization and growth since 1990 and we supplied first splicing machine in India. Now telecom industry has become the world’s most competitive & one of the fastest growing market.

Q: Do you prefer to work independently or with a team ?

Ans: We believe in phrase of “Many in body, one in mind”.

When we worked well together as a unit, we accomplished more than the individual member can do alone.

Team: Together Everyone Achieves More.

Q: Tell us something memorable about your journey so far in this industry ?

Ans: There are lots of memorable moments in this journey one of them was when we got the best distributor award from Fujikura in 2010.

Q: What are the major challenges faced by the industry currently ?

Ans: The major challenge is to control the Chinese product which is cheaper in Price although the genuine user could understand the quality, service support and has retained with us. However some small players mesmerized with the cheaper price. Life of our machine is more than 10 years whereas Chinese and Korean machines survive only 1-2 years.