Exclusive Interview

Mr. Arunava Kar Chowdhury

Managing Director – Globetek Infoway Pvt. Ltd.

1) Please Tell Us Something about your company Globetek & What New Venture is Globetek Doing now days ?

GlobetekInfoway (P) Ltd had its inception in 2002, with a mission to provide an unified one stop solution in ISP domain. We were the first players who made the inroads of providing an integrated solution in Cable MSO Segment enabling them to start “Internet-On-Cable” i.e. Wired Broadband services to their subscribers. Globetek has surged great heights in entire India South East Asia offering Broadband ISP & MSO OSS/ BSS solution, System Integration & Security Solution.

With phase of time Globetek has attained product portfolios from world class giants, integrated the solution to the befitting needs of the users and attaining customer satisfaction.

Expansion in India started with a milestone in overseas operations also, through it’s subsidiary company in Singapore addressing SAARC clients.

2) What New Products/Services is your Company Planning to Offer? And why do you think customers would opt for your products over your competitors products?

Yes, we have introduced SURE BSS from Magnaquest integrating with 24Online OSS / Radius and Mikrotik as NAS with NAT Log Solution as per TRAI Mandate. We have recently tied up with Data Control has a transparent Govt approved caching solution namely Drop Band and so does our PeeApp Transparent Caching solution with Live Streaming.

3) Does Your Company Offer Any Special Plans / Offers for The Cable TV Operators?

For all Cable TV Operators who are into Broadband business can avail our Special Rental (OPEX Mode) Business Plan with or without CAPEX even they can get complete solution on Hosted Platform from our own as well as our partners DC in all the Metros & other Tier1 cities PAN India.

4) What role do you see of your company in the Digital India initiative & How do you plan to take advantage of this great opportunity?

We are very hopeful and optimistic on the roll out of go green project, since we have our threshold footprints in the remotest part through our ISP partners. With our unified solution and also our association with telecom giants will envisage a better stepping stone in perspective of Digital India Project PAN India. As the National Distributor of Sterlite Tech Elitecore, we are actively participating in Smart City projects also.

5) As you are already aware India has approx. 462 Million Internet Users ? How do you plan to tap this great potential of the ever-growing market?

GIPL gives the complete OSS/BSS solution along with 3rd party NAS support for all Broadband Operators . Hence with the growth of Internet Users , GIPL looks forward to play a very important role in providing the above mentioned robust solution to all big or small Internet Providers .

6) What is the importance of Google & other CDN Caching & Peering services today amongst all the broadband subscribers?

Yes the importance of Google & other CDN, caching peering services have increased since streaming video can be conducted with buffer free bandwidth, and faster download speed.

We have strong tie ups with OEMs like Pee App and Data Control for providing CDN Caching-Peering solution to all our ISP/MSO customers .

7) What new opportunities do you see in the Wired & Wireless Industry?

While, the number of internet users in India touched approx 500 million by the as of now —this means that more than half the population are yet to receive an internet subscription. Additionally, reports suggest that nearly 60% of these subscriptions are mobile internet users.

GTM strategy is simply to support all small to big Broad Band Operators on their roll out plans of wired & wireless networks backed by our OSS/ BSS with complete FTTX / Gpon / Docsis / EOC / Wi-Fi Hotspot solutions.

8) What is the impact of ransom ware in present IT Security?

Data is the most important factor to an Enterprise. Now a days ,  hackers hack the data through internet, and create a ransom ware attack. Network security is the essence for prevention of the attack. This is also called as Advanced Persitentthreat , which now a days is common threat if network is not secured.All solutions are possible in the domain from us.

9) How Did OTT Evolutionize & Where is it heading us?

OTT (over-the-top video) is a new and focused way to attract consumers in the domain of broadcasting . We are closely watching the evolution of OTT and with our expertise we are trying to get ourselves also updated based on our tie ups with all the Global Brands for OTT BSS Solution.

10) Many Cable TV Operators Are trying to venture into the ISP Business. How Will Globetek Be Able To Support them?

Since we are into this trade for over one & half decade now, our Expertise and Infrastructure, References & Training can always add value to the emerging Cable TV operators coming in to the domain of ISP business.

11) What attracted you to this industry?

In 2002, while Internet Loving People were trying to take a fresh breath beyond Dialup / ISDN connections slow surfing speed, I found a few lakhs of Cable TV Operators who were investing for upgrading their Coaxial network to OFC backbone infrastructure in my own city Calcutta and the future ready networks had attracted me to convince the network owners to consider “Internet-On-Cable” as a secondary business using their same network and their proactive response was the key ingredient of Today’s Cable TV Broadband Revolution in Kolkata & Eastern Part of India.

12) Tell us something memorable about your journey so far in this industry?

The people of this Industry are very much helpful, supportive & friendly. My first meeting with each one of this fraternity is a sweet memory to me but the most memorable moment was sometime in mid 2003, after our successful Broadband rollout with RPG Netcom (now ICNCL-SITI) and Alliance Broadband, when West Bengal Govt’s State Nodal Agency for IT, WEBEL had signed an Exclusive agreement with Globetek as their ISP Project Partner for rolling out in entire West Bengal & Sikkim, even after a strong objection from other Respected Board members of WEBEL including BSNL CGM, PWC Director etc., who opposed stating that ISP project is a Loss making venture & they shelved the project even after signing MOU with MTNL & TCS; Webel had shown confidence on Globetek and rest was the History…Today I must define it as the most memorable moment of Globetek’s ISP / MSO / BB journey of last 15 years.

13) What are the major challenges faced by the industry currently?

Upgrading the existing Network & NOC Infrastructure to the NextGen Level at the earliest is the major challenge of the industry for competing with all the Telco giants & provide Multi Play services at par with them.

14) You are a well known name in the Cable & Broadband industry what would be your Advise to the Industry?

Broadband, OTT & IOT is the Future. So, upgrade your NOC-network Infra at the earliest to sustain as a Preferred Multi Play service provider.