Exclusive Interview: Mr. Kiran Padte

Exclusive Interview: Mr. Kiran Padte

Kiran Padte
Founder & Chairman, Multicraft Digital Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Kiran Padte, the founder and chairman of MDTPL, is a highly accomplished well known veteran of this industry, with more than 15 years of experience in ISP segment, offering his services of consultancy to many leading Telecom organizations, ISP’s and Cable Operators.

Q: Please Tell Us Something about your company MDTPL & What New Project is MDTPL Doing now days?

Ans: Multicraft Digital Technologies Pvt. Ltd. MDTPL has its headquarters in Nehru Place, N. Delhi branch office in Mumbai. Company specializes in Internet business. We enjoy strong and ever growing relationship with cable internet operators and Internet service providers. We are now focused on our Class A ISP licence to contribute the mission of Digital India.

Our team of professionals is engaged on various prestigious telecom projects that are in our hand within India and abroad.

We are currently working closely with various network technology providers to bring in products that can overcome the root cause of poor internet speeds being offered through Cable operators and which is a major cause of migration of Internet subscribers from Cable Internet providers to providers of services like 4G.

Q: What New products / Services is your Company planning to launch? And why do you think customers would opt for your products over your competitor’s products?

Ans: Understanding the need of secured network and requirement of capability to deliver high speed broadband plans, we propose network up gradation jointly with operator. To ensure this we are introducing a unique concept “Build Operate & Own Model (BOOM)”. In this business model, we’ll help operators in upgrading their network. We will be investing in their network, provide them technical support and high speed plans on high revenue share.

To achieve desired results MDTPL is developing new range of FTTH products and technology solutions.
Poor network means poor internet delivery. And poor internet delivery means poor responce.

No service provider so far has thought over the up gradation process with network cable operator and often cable internet operators are blamed for poor delivery of their services. The BOOM will change the scenario. Its Win Win Win for all..

Q: Does Your Company Offer Any Special Plans / Offers for The Cable TV Operators?

Ans: Yes. We have all high end plans with high revenue share and since we are planning netwok improvement, the high-end plans shall have no hurdle to ride on smoothly. This will ensure best output and QoS.

Q: What role do you see of your company in the Digital India & Make in India initiative & how do you plan to take advantage of this great opportunity?

Ans: Our mission is to provide Ultra Fast Internet to every household in India. We are planning the launch Wi-Fi Hotspots in rural area where last mile connectivity is a big challenge. Digital India needs more reach. Our project will contribute Digital India by creating super highway of connectivity in remote area.

To take advantage of great opportunity of Make in India initiative we plan indigenous development of core components. This will bring in great results.

Q: As you are already aware that India has  approx. 462 Million Internet Users ? How do you plan to tap this great potential of the ever-growing market?

Ans: We in India talk a lot of new technologies. But it benefits only metro and top urban areas. The real need is in interiors and a major portion of the country is still having poor connectivity.

Cable operators however are available and well connected to almost each such area. There is a huge potential which can be tapped with a focused approach of creating awareness towards network upgradation jointly.

Q: With the coming up of smart city projects, what growth will it give to your company?

Ans: Multicraft being official Bandwidth partner for Smart Cities India expo held at at Pragati Maidan in May 2016 and also preferred for Smart Cities India expo 2017 being organised by Exhibitions India Pvt. Ltd.

During the show MULTICRAFT successfully showcased various Important elements of Smart Cities which was greatly acclaimed. We are currently working on various IOT developments for our clients which include, Smart Traffic Management, Smart Lighting Management, Smart waste management, Smart parking etc.

The basic need again is well connected network.

As an ISP and SI we can play a big role by providing infrastructure services & IP service.

Q: What new opportunities do you see in the Wired & Wireless Industry?

There are millions of homes which are still unconnected. Majority is in rural areas. We are partnering with many LCO to connect these unconnected homes through Fiber wireless links and Wi-Fi.

Q: As we are all aware that the Deadline for Phase 4 of  Cable TV Digitization is 31st December 2016. What is your say on this ? What do you think will be the scenario of the industry post the deadline?

Cable operators today are worried that after Cable TV Digitization their profit margins will shrink. During my earlier assignment as Head ISP OPERATIONS with a company engaged in HITS operations, I have personally spoken and visited thousands of cable operator who are in search of opportunities of additional income sources.
Our high speed Internet Services including VAS, over the improved network shall ensure the operators to get handsome and steady income while maintaining their existence.

Q: Can new technologies change the future of wireless communication?

Ans: Yes. New wireless technologies would be able to increase the capacity of the devices which will allow more users to connect with higher speed.

10. What attracted you to this industry?

Rather than answering the question “What attracted me to this industry”, I would love to answer “What kept me attached me to this industry”.

I have been in this industry since there was a dialup and ISDN connections. Since then, it was a fun which taught me the real meaning of network, in a true sense your relations that matter in your life. Whenever and wherever I travel in the country, I get my old or new friends, my operators.

That is the real meaning of “net” that “works”. It’s my passion since then…

Q: Tell us something memorable about your journey so far in this industry?

Ans: We used to buy a 128 Kbps line at monthly fees of Rs. 20,000. Additionally we used to bear the cost of telephone bills 30 days round the clock to the tune or Rs. 35,000 approx ending up paying Rs. 55000 per month for just a 128 Kbps connection. Its equal to approx 1,05,60,000 per annum for a 2 Mbps line. Today it’s just Rs. 20,000/- or even lesser.

Isn’t it interesting to witness and a part of this entire strange journey?

Q: What are the major challenges faced by the industry currently?

Ans: Monopoly of dominant players, Higher tariff of Internet usages, non availability of last mile broadband connectivity, non availability of electricity, non availability of mobile networks, and poor quality of services could be listed as major challenges. The unorganized segment needs to come under one umbrella.

Q: What keeps you busy in your leisure time?

Leisure time for me again is networking time. This free time is the best time to re-look at our social network connections that we might have got disconnected while moving ahead in life. I try to connect them. I belive that its really nice to revisiting this network. . Even spending time with family members is the best way to keep us happy in our leisure times.

Q: You are a well known name in the Cable, Broadband & Telecom industry what would be your advice / suggestion to the industry in the present scenario?

Ans: My only suggestion to all my friends in the industry is that in the present scenario, never forget the strength of your last mile connectivity. However small or big your network may be…you are owner of last mile access. No one can beat this. There is only a need to adopt latest trends. To overcome the challenges, let’s join hands. We will ensure your success.