Exclusive Interview – MUKUL VASHISHT

Exclusive Interview – MUKUL VASHISHT

The “Shahenshah” of Corporate Gifts & Novelties Business in India

RR SolutionIndian Brands of The Year 2019

Mukul Vashisht

RR Solution is a Company which needs no introduction as they are the world renowned market leader when it comes to Corporate Gifts & Novelties products.

RR Solution is the leading Gift Manufacturer in India started business in2011. Mr. Mukul Vashisht has been the Captain of this Ship which is sailing till now. The Youth of the Nation is the Future of India & to compliment, we bring Exclusive Interview with Mukul Vashisht.

Q. Can You Share with us the products of Your Company?

Ans:  We are working on many gift items – Pen Drives, Bags, Sippers, Mugs, Pens, Gift sets, Key Chain, Diaries, T-Shirts, Caps, Purses, Trophies, Bluetooth, Speakers, Power Bank, Mobile & Accessories. Manufacturing, Retail online, offline, wholesaling outlet & portal.

Q. What Latest Products is RR Solution planning to offer?

Ans:  Bluetooth speakers / Touch lamp with Bluetooth speaker / Diary with power bank with pen drive / customized pen drive / power bank with pen drive.

Q. How do you see the overall growth of Gift Accessories Business in India?

Ans:  Superb growth in India. As our prime minister says manufacture in India, No import.

Q. Can You Please Mention Your Targeted Customers?

Ans:  Genpact ,Tata Aig LifeInsurance, Daffodil, liquidity hub, make my trip, red bull & more

Q. RR Solution has been in the Gift Item & Accessories business for decades now and is seeing significant growth year by year. How do you plan to continue this great royalty?

Ans:  Media / Management / Hardwork.  Pathway to success.

Q. Why you come to this industry, Any Inspiration / Motivation?

Ans:  Business is my favourite hobby. My mother always keeps me motivated to do hard work.  Recently we received gift for Leading Gift Manufacturer of The Year Award & Certificate of Excellence from Aps Research & Media.

Q. Do you prefer to work independently or with a team?

Ans:  We work together as a unit. We work for pleasure. Customer satisfaction is the main key of my business. We provide quality products & deliver it at right time.

Q. How would you differentiate RR Solution from its competitors?

Ans:  RR Solution – provides faith and quality – Gifting no. 1.

Q. What are the major challenges faced by the industry currently?

Ans:   Competition is very high from China. We are working very hard to surpass the competition with smart work.

Q. You are youth icon, any message for the upcoming Young Entrepreneurs / Startup?

Ans:   Be confident …To be happy … Give Gifts and Take Gifts …. RR Solution @ Gifting.