Exclusive Interview – Nikhil Jain

Exclusive Interview - Nikhil Jain

An intellectual with expertise in technology, operations, finance, business analysis and business development with verifiable year after year success in achieving revenue, profit and business growth objectives within startup turnaround, and in rapid changing environments. Wide-ranging experience with highly engineered systems, which require deep understanding of critical business drivers in multiple markets. Extremely successful in building business relationships, seizing control of critical problem areas, and delivering on customer commitments. Proven operations strategist with a track record in leading complex improvement initiatives and applying solid technical, research and analytical abilities. Led and motivated worldwide teams comprised of more than 850 employees and managed P&L for business divisions exceeding 178 Cr revenue.

1) How is Elitecore responding to the fast changing telecom industry?

Digitization has enabled government, enterprise and customers to connect digital technologies and applications for faster accessibility and actionable information. The entire platform of digitization is driving telecom industry to take critical and operational decisions to monetize using latest infrastructure, enhance service offerings and support the ever increasing data traffic. Elitecore’s product offerings are designed and developed based on the future innovations and requirements. Our solutions are mapped to address the rising challenges in the telecom industry and offer a futuristic platform to global operators. We offer solutions that enable operators to gain potential benefits of consumer satisfaction, enhanced revenue generation and capex + opex cost savings.

2) How has the merger with Sterlite technologies impacted your roadmap? Can you give us the overview?

The Sterlite Tech and Elitecore merger is a complimenting handshake for each other. Existing as well as prospective customers will gain maximum benefits out of the merger. Instead of choosing different partners for cabling, infrastructure and core network solutions, now global operators can find one point solutions from Sterlite Tech – Elitecore. With the help of merger, Elitecore has gained the strength and support required to create larger footprint across the global market. The combined experience and expertise of Sterlite Tech and Elitecore has elevated the positioning and deliverables across various geographies. Enhanced reach, end-to-end deliverables and integrated customer support for comprehensive platform.

Earlier Sterlite was into enabling network infrastructure alone. Gradually started to design, execute and manage that network infrastructure. With Elitecore together in the portfolio, we can now offer comprehensive solution including last mile as well as operations and billing applications for the network, and thus make it more responsive and increase revenue assurance and maximisation on that network.

3) What do you think are the latest demands & trends & how you plan to reach your new markets & also increase your share in Indian Subcontinent, SAARC Region & the global market?

Evolving technologies and network is driving telecom companies to constantly innovate and meet the rising demands of customers. In India, in spree of digital transformation trend, Sterlite Tech – Elitecore observes major opportunities in Smart City and Cable MSOs. For MEA region, Elitecore has focused and robust solutions to support carrier grade Wi-Fi and MVNO networks. With the subscriber base in MEA and SAARC region, our solutions are prepared to cater to larger subscriber base efficiently. Elitecore solutions enable operators to optimize their investment and network infrastructure while catering maximum subscribers.

4) “The government eventually plans to spend $15 billion to remake 100 cities over five years”, Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu said. How do you plan to take advantage of this great opportunity ?

The Smart City vision has marked a paradigm shift in the overall urban development of the country. We are focused on building robust Smart City solution and maximizing channel network to support the Digital India initiative. With our joint experience and expertise in catering to the advanced and futuristic needs for Smart City platform, Sterlite Tech – Elitecore is confident and prepared to support Indian government.

5) The concept of smart communities is based on providing intelligent infrastructure solutions. What Solutions will Sterlite Tech Showcase in the ongoing Smart City Projects ?and also what will be the right infrastructure required for smart cities ?

As such there is no fixed definition of Smart Cities across the world, but as per the definition of the Indian Government, smart cities mission is to bridge the gap between the rural and urban cities using Information and Communication (ICT) Solutions. A smart city manages the cities assets through extensive use of ICT Tools. Sterlite Tech – Elitecore’s Smart City solution is designed and developed to support the advanced ICT infrastructure and Internet connectivity needs of Smart City. Sterlite Tech has unique capabilities in the Smart City arena having won two opportunities: Gandhinagar and Jaipur Phase 2 which are under execution. We have expertise across all Smart City Elements including OFC, network and application layer. With this we will deliver smart services including smart parking, central command centre, AVLS, Smart surveillance, Smart traffic management, e-governance etc. along with complete program management, project execution and network integration from infrastructure management to network applications.

6) What would be the role of Elitecore and Sterlite in laying a comprehensive platform for Smart City?

With Sterlite Tech we will be the part of network layer and provide infrastructure required for smart cities in terms of smart data fibre networks, wired and wireless network rollouts. We offer a platform to provide Wi-Fi connectivity, authentication & bandwidth management, access to services over portals and mobile apps, billing, and operations. This enables us to offer smart services including smart parking, central command centre, AVLS, Smart surveillance, Smart traffic management, e-governance etc from Application layer run over the infrastructure created by Sterlite tech. The Smart City Solution offers an end-to-end approach for fast and future-proof network rollout, with seamless system integration with best-in-class global OEMs. It offers complete program management, project execution and network integration from infrastructure management to network applications.

The USP of the association of two companies will be a comprehensive solution right from the network to the services and applications that run on it, we are able to fulfill the demand through a comprehensive and integrated platform, For instance, a smart city has so many components like security, traffic control, water distribution, education, power management and so on. With Sterlite Tech & Elitecore, all those components can be built, integrated, and managed by us based on clearly defined outcomes. With this we will be able to bring a transformation towards smart living through our offerings and partnership with the city planner that enables efficient delivery of such utilities.

7)  How do you think Smart Surveillance can make the cities more safe. And what can be the contribution of Sterlite Tech in this ?

The advanced and Integrated Smart Surveillance Solution improves city monitoring and helps leverage existing resources to enable security services with greater efficiency. Services like CCTV camera, video management system and Centrally Controlled Command centers help to identify unauthorized activities and monitor vehicle speed detection, number plate detection etc. thus making administration and governance more effective and efficient. In fact the legal bodies and civil police can keep a check on the unwanted activities. It helps in taking punitive actions in real time and curb the menace of growing anti-social activities.

8) What solutions does Sterlite Tech offer for fast and future proof networks ?

Sterlite Tech – Elitecore offers end-to-end telecom solutions for existing and Greenfield operators. From cabling, networks to core network OSS/BSS solutions, operators have the facility and flexibility to choose one stop solution. From connecting systems to subscribers for smart city, Sterlite Tech – Elitecore has ability to offer end-to-end solutions for Smart City projects. Our major focus is to enable operators to launch services faster in the market and generate ROI quickly.

9) Now after the Merger of Elitecore & Sterlite Technologies. What would be your strategy to undertake attractive M & A opportunities in the entire value chain ?

After the merger, our major focus is to consolidate and expand our capabilities to cater to larger market segments. We believe that our combined strength will act as a major benefit for the customers also. From Greenfield operators to long standing Telcos will have the benefit of choosing solutions from the single umbrella of Sterlite Tech. It will help them in offering better quality of service and win maximum customer satisfaction.

10) What are your views on the vast hold that digital & internet space is gaining in the field of information, communication, entertainment & media?

The latest internet trends are majorly dependent on the telecom platform designed and developed to support the futuristic applications, information and data. With the exponential growth in the consumption of data, Wi-Fi calling, online streaming and real-time video conferencing has changed the way people communicate with each other. Moreover now a days, advertisements and connectivity apps are also playing significant role in transforming the digitized behavior of the consumer.

11) Which verticals or sectors do you see as the most promising in terms of growth for the next decade ?

With the increase in the utilization of smart devices and connectivity, we expect MVNO and Cable MSO industries to grow rapidly in coming decade. Evolving technology and increasing demand of consumers will play a major role in the expansion and growth of the networks.

12) What are major challenges faced by the industry currently?

There are several challenges arising in the telecom industry currently. Firstly, the evolving technology is constantly changing because of which operators are finding it difficult to invest in specific network infrastructure platform. Secondly, the user demands and introduction of advanced applications is constantly growing by which operators are struggling hard to match users demands, maintain service quality and at the same time monetize using advanced network solutions.

13) You are a very well known name, renowned personality & an inspiration to all. What is your advice to the youth of our nation & also to the industry in general ?

With more than a decade of experience in the industry, we believe and consider that constant ‘Product Innovation’ and ‘Product Quality’ are the two pillars on which any company can stand tall in the competitive market. Moreover, operators also need to consider better strategies to offer better quality of connectivity, capacity and quality of service. We have been observing the momentum in telecom industry very closely and we believe that by 2020, the youth of India will observe a digitally transformed India.  Sterlite Technologies’ Telecom Software Division – Elitecore is a global IT product and service provider. Elitecore is a leading provider of OSS/BSS, Packet Core and Internet Access management Solutions. Adhering to TM Forum and 3GPP standard, the offerings are compatible to large vendor ecosystem addressing CSPs requirement of faster time to market and reduced TCO. Elitecore has over 150 network deployments worldwide for 52 Service providers in more than 40 countries. Elitecore’s satisfied customer base includes 13 of the world’s top 30 operators.