Attention TV Viewers! TRAI Has Now Extended the Deadline to 31st March for Consumers to Select Their Favourite TV Channels

New Regulatory Framework for Smooth Migration

Due to hardships being faced by the Consumers / TV viewers, whose Pay Channels had been deactivated for not exercising the options. While they are migrating to the new framework. Hence  TRAI has extended  time up to 31st  March 2019 for those subscribers who have not exercised their option yet.

TRAI has now requested all DPOs to create ‘Best Fit Plan’ for its subscribers.

The ‘Best Fit Plan’ is to be designed based on Consumers’ usage pattern & language spoken. It should preferably be a blended combination of various Genres, while making ‘Best Fit Plan’ for a subscriber. DPOs should ensure that payout per month of the ‘Best Fit Plan’ should not exceed the payout per month of existing tariff plan of the subscriber.

DPOs should continue to provide various user-friendly methods i.e. personal contact by Local Cable Operator, calling on Call Centre Number, using Mobile Apps or through Website to subscribers / viewers to exercise their choice. DPOs shall continue to generate maximum awareness amongst the viewers regarding the new Regulatory framework.

In the larger public interest TRAI has also directed all DPOs that those Subscribers / Viewers who do not exercise their options shall be migrated to a ‘Best Fit Plan’.  Viewers’ old plan shall continue till either subscriber exercise his / her option, or he / she is migrated to the ‘Best Fit Plan’.  Subscribers will be free to change their ‘Best Fit Plan’ at any date and time on or before 31st March 2019 and the DPOs shall convert their ‘Best Fit Plan’ into the desired pack (channel/Bouquet) within 72 hours from the time choice exercised by the Subscriber. It is also clarified that there will be no ‘lock-in period’ for the subscribers till 31st March 2019 who has migrated to ‘Best Fit Plan’ by DPOs.

n case of any further clarifications or details following TRAI officers may be contacted:

(a) Shri Ani! Kumar Bhardwaj, Advisor – II (B&CS), TRAI at 011-23237922 or email at ; or
(b) Shri Arvind Kumar, Advisor – I/III (B&CS),TRAI at 011-23220209 or email at


For More Information / Details, Please Go Through TRAI Press Release No: 11/2019 Date. 12 Feb. 2019


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