Indigo FM to tie up with Chandigarh Airport


Radio stations are extending their service from on-air to on-ground to digital and transport. Yes, you read it right; Indigo 91.9 FM is partnering with Chandigarh International Airport. This association will be termed Chandigarh International Airport Radio (CHIAL Radio). It is only the second time that a private radio station has been engaged to play curated music at an Indian airport.

Through the tie-up, Indigo FM shall now play international songs at the airport. In addition, for the first time in India, CHIAL Radio shall have its exclusive Jock who would enthrall the passengers by interacting with them, announcing the utility and flight related information in addition to playing the passengers favorite music. CHIAL Radio shall play carefully curated music that is customized to map the mood and the time of the day with an effort to make flying a great experience.

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