For TV Viewers Second TV / Additional TV Connection Network Capacity Fee (NCF) is Not Mandatory As Per TRAI PR No: 10/2019 Dt. 8 Feb. 2019


The regulation does not prohibit  service providers to offer discount or lower Network Capacity Fee for Second TV/ Additional TV connections in same location/ home.

It has been clarified by the TRAI that the Regulation provides a capping of Rs. 130/- as Network Capacity Fee (NCF) for 100 Standard Definition ( SD ) Channels  & Rs. 20/- for the slab of next 25 SD channels.

The desired channels could be in a-la-carte Free to Air channels or Pay channels or Bouquet of Pay channels or Any combination thereof.

The choice completely rests with the TV Viewers to choose their desired Channels.

The new regime empowers the TV Viewers/ Subscribers by providing them enough flexibility to select only those channels that they wish to watch & can change their choices whenever they desire.

They can Add or Delete channel for a month or for multiple months at the end of each billing cycle.

Those TV Viewers / Subscribers who have taken long term packs prior to implementation of this regulation. They can still continue to avail the services for the contracted period in new framework also. Viewers / Subscribers can continue to get services without any change in terms & conditions if they so desire.  Viewers / Subscribers have freedom to choose the channels of their choice if they exercise this option. Their money for remaining period shall be adjusted against the channels selected by them.

For More Information / Details, Pleas Go Through TRAI Press Release No: 10/2019 Date. 8 Feb. 2019

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