PerfectVision Manufacturing Receives AT&T 2016 Supplier Sustainability Award

PerfectVision Manufacturing is receiving the 2016 AT&T Supplier Sustainability Award in the ‘Resource Improvement’ category.

The company is being recognized for developing a reusable cable dispenser that reduced cable usage by 15% and helped AT&T realize large material savings. The award recognizes suppliers for their support of AT&T and its goals toward sustainable operations.

“Sustainability is vital to AT&T success. It’s an area where we can make a positive impact for the next generation,” said Susan A. Johnson, senior vice president, Global Supply Chain, AT&T. “We’re proud to work with suppliers who have made significant sustainability contributions. They’re helping us drive the whole industry to be more environmentally and socially responsible.”

Of the many vendors in the AT&T supply chain, PerfectVision Manufacturing is one of only 4 suppliers to receive the 2016 AT&T Sustainability Supplier Award. Their outstanding contributions supported AT&T in its supplier sustainability goals and initiatives over the past year.

“PerfectVision is honored to receive the AT&T Supplier Sustainability Award for 2016,” said Bob Chastain, CEO of Perfectvision Manufacturing. “We look forward to making important contributions to accomplish significant supplier sustainability objectives with AT&T in the future.”