Press Release – Multicraft Digital Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Multicraft Digital Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Announces National Broadband Service in India through its Unified ISP (Class A) License.

Multicraft Digital Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (MDTPL), is known to telecom industry with its unique placement in various roles as – A leading telecom and infrastructure provider Company, Official Wifi partners in various prestigious projects in multiple sectors, Consultants in setting up telecom projects Nationally and Internationally and so on. Now Multicraft has added one more feather in its cap by acquiring Unified Class A ISP License. Company is now all set to launch Internet services across India.

Multicraft’s Founder and CEO, Kiran Padte told Satellite @ Internet India “Though India is said to be geared up for the next level broadband growth through new digital initiative, there is real challenge that prevents the implementation of an effective broadband network in India. Refering the recent industry report which ranked Indian telecom industry as one of the worst in Asia Pacific in terms of broadband speed. Average Indian is frustrated with so called 3G/4G services available on his mobile.”

Kiran Padte further added “Fiber networks are the most viable medium to deliver increased data capacity. However due to the country’s low presence in fiber and backhaul infrastructure, poor quality of service (QoS) and poor speed are big challenges. The lack of fiber optic infrastructure to provide last mile connectivity has also affected the performance of broadband especially in rural India.”

Multicraft believes that, Cable TV Network that provides last mile connectivity can be effectively used to provide broadband connectivity. With network of more than 60000 Local Cable Operators (LCOs) and Multiple System Operators (MSOs) present across India, cost-effective high speed broadband connectivity can be made available to large number of Indian households.

The company, prides itself on crafting unique one-of-a-kind project “FTTH Build Operate and Own model (BOOM) on Cable Network”.

“We are thrilled to partner with Cable Operators and launch our Project FTTH-BOOM ”, says MD and CEO Kiran Padte.

About Multicraft

Multicraft Digital Technologies Pvt. Ltd. MDTPL has its headquarters in Nehru Place, N. Delhi branch office in Mumbai. Company specializes in Internet business. We enjoy strong and ever growing relationship with cable internet operators and Internet service providers. We are now focused on our Class A ISP licence to

Contribute the mission of Digital India.

Our team of professionals is engaged on various prestigious telecom projects that are in our hand within India and abroad.

Company is currently working closely with various network technology providers to bring in products that can overcome the root cause of poor internet speeds being offered through Cable operators and which is a major cause of migration of Internet subscribers from Cable Internet providers to providers of services like 4G

About Project FTTH-BOOM

Understanding the need of secured network and requirement of capability to deliver high speed broadband plans, we propose network up gradation jointly with operator. To ensure this we are introducing a unique concept “Build Operate & Own Model (BOOM)”. In this business model, we’ll help operators in upgrading their network. We will be investing in their network, provide them technical support and high speed plans on high revenue share.

To achieve desired results MDTPL is developing new range of FTTH products and technology solutions. Poor network means poor internet delivery. And poor internet delivery means poor response. No service provider so far has thought over the up gradation process with network cable operator and often cable internet operators are blamed for poor delivery of their services. The BOOM will change the scenario and make fiber access easier than ever.