Youtube Rolls Out Miniplayer Button For Desktop Users

Miniplayer Button

Youtube is now rolling out the Miniplayer button for all desktop users across the globe. This button essentially will allow users to collapse a video into a smaller window at the bottom of the screen and allow the user to browse through YouTube simultaneously. This small video player will come with pause, seek, play, and next or previous video buttons as well. The button can be found in the bottom bar on the video player on YouTube with all the controls. The feature was first spotted in testing in March this year.

The Miniplayer button sits in between the Theatre mode and Settings button in the video player. Clicking on it will collapse the video into Miniplayer mode – essentially a small window in the bottom right corner of the desktop display. This will enable users to navigate through YouTube and watch the video simultaneously. It is somewhat similar to the PiP mode in Android, but the Miniplayer button acts as a trigger to enter the mode manually. You can dismiss the Miniplayer by hitting the ‘X’ button or just by pressing ESC on your keyboard.

YouTube notes that this change is rolling out for all users, but it may be a slow rollout and you may not see the change immediately. On the product forums, YouTube notes that clicking on the Miniplayer title again or on the Miniplayer video player will take you back to the normal mode once again.

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