India To Accelerate The Pace Of Its 5G Experiment

5g experiment

The Indian government set up ‘a high-level forum’ comprising bureaucrats and telecom experts, to elevate the country into the 5G era in just three years. “We have created a high-level 5G forum that will work on the vision, mission and goals of 5G service in the country,” declared Manoj Sinha, the telecoms minister. “When the world will roll out 5G in 2020, I believe India will be at par with it.”

The proposed 5G India 2020 Forum — with access to a Rs5 billion support fund — would be headed by Aruna Sundarajan, the telecom secretary, and also include Ajay Kumar Sawhney, the IT secretary, and Ashutosh Sharma, secretary, department of science and technology, and some experts. Meanwhile, Light Reading said that India’s telecom industry is angling for a leadership position in 5G, the next-generation mobile technology that is expected to start appearing in commercial networks in early 2019. While India remains the second-biggest telecom market in the world in terms of subscribers, it has generally been seen as a follower and not a leader when it comes to the development of new technologies.

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