Ek Garam Chai Ki Pyaali

Our lives are exactly like a cup of chai.

Everyone loves it I am sure and that too exactly the way we make it.

Some of us like our chai extra sweet, just like those stolen moments of happiness shared secretly with our best friends.

Some of us like our chai with the right amount of bitter and sweet, just like the ups and downs that we face as we move forward, but never complaining.

We know it’s our own cup of chai and everything about it goes the way we want.

Some of us require no sugar.We don’t require candy coated drama and we’re just fine with what we have. Content and complete.

Some of us add adrak and elaichi. The memories we create on our own, because we want to enjoy each sip as we take it in.

The chai, the life. All of us have millions of different things going on in our lives, just like the million different ways we make our own cup of chai.

Amidst these little differences, the one thing that keeps us together is our cup of chai.

So we know, that even when we all lead difficult and different lives, there is always going to be at least that one thing that would always hold us together.

Let us all just hold each other together, the way chai does. Let’s be with each other till we have the time to enjoy one more cup of chai together.

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