From Hypothyroidism To A Fitness Freak : Here’s The Journey Of Shivani Sakhrani

I’m Shivani Sakhrani from Kolkata.

My fitness journey began in 2014, when I stepped into college. Around this time I was diagnosed with Borderline Hypothyroidism, caused due to the under-active thyroid gland. This being the reason for my weight gain, I believed there was nothing that I could do.

Gaining a little more than 10 kgs in my first year of college wasn’t something that I could hide under my clothes. Everytime I met someone, I would get to hear things like “Oh Gosh, aren’t you working out?” or ” how on earth did you become so chubby?”

To avoid hearing comments like that, I stopped going out. I forced myself to believe that I would be alright without any interaction and that my bed was my bestfriend. Slowly things started going downhill, from my mood to academics. I remember avoiding mirrors and pictures, just so that I could avoid a glimpse of my disfigured body.

It was when my sister pointed out that I had complained for an entire year without doing anything to change the way I feel, that I decided to at least try and help myself. I concentrated on my diet and drafted a workout plan. After a few months, I noticed that I wasn’t scared of mirrors anymore. I was comfortable in my body. It was even more motivating when people started noticing the change.

I realized I was stronger than my problem.

I hope I can inspire you to make yourself proud and help you to be the best version of yourself.

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