Right or Wrong

I’ am a human.

I may be right, I may be wrong.

Today I’m here, tomorrow I may be gone.


Life is just a situation, don’t try hard and analyze.

It’s ok if you try to believe and only realize.


Guilt’s are natural and the very fact of life.

It’s justly natural when you have cheated and lied.


We try to be natural, but often behave like a vault (burial chamber).

You may be wonderful a person, but often you may be at fault.


Human, the very word itself says, I’ am here to make mistakes and learn through them. But have you ever met some one who keeps on repeating his or her mistakes, I’ am sure your answer is, many. This paragraph written in the beginning of this chapter is dedicated to people who believe they have never made a mistake in their whole life, the very first line, I’ am a human says or indicates that we are here and now, but who knows what will happen tomorrow, and yes, my truly evenhanded decision of today may not fit in my own world of tomorrow. May be I myself may not fit in the world of tomorrow, I may be gone, then how can you judge a right from a wrong. Life is a mission and definitely in a mission sometimes you tend to make mistakes and blunders, this is what life is all about, making mistakes and learning through them. If you have never made a mistake, then I’ am sure you are making a big mistake of judging your life wrong. All because when there is a right, there has been a wrong.

But a very important notion about rights and wrongs, is, that you shall not judge everything. As we are here, may be we are here for a reason, may be not for a reason. And may be it’s just an experience and nothing more, something what we need to learn about life or may be something we need to just discard from our lives. Wrongs and rights are just a part of life and not “the life”; it’s natural to fall for wrongs because generally they are the easiest of all the ways to achieve your goals in life, sometimes they are the easiest escapes too. And the most amazing thing about it is that we never realize that it’s wrong and if even we do so, we discard the notion upright and straight from our heart.

I have always believed that every one of us have, had, can and will make mistakes in life, it’s only how much we try and learn from it. Realization of your wrong is most important than the mistake itself, it’s only the word “Sorry” that can change the whole world around us and will give a new shape to our whole life. But being sorry should not remain in words it has to be in action too. One of my friend was a biggest Sorry of my life, because after making mistakes he use to manipulate me further and make me feel sorry for the act he did wrong, so please be ware of such wrong choice of people. As I truly believe that being wrong is far right than being in a company of a wrongdoer.

Therefore, it’s never too late to realize your mistakes and change your life for good by this learning procedure. When I was in my teens I happen to learn this strange thing from one of my good old friends that, rights and wrongs are nothing but the demarcations from our society so that the social network or the society can bound us to there needs and requirements but now as I grew, I realized that its more mental and biological than social, to be right or wrong in life. Have you ever realized so? No. then just try and answer some questions for yourself, whenever you made a mistake, that was a social wrong, just as simple as shop lifting, because this is something what almost every one does, sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly, any ways come back; What do you go through after the shop lifting: anxiety, stress, nervousness, guilt? And so on and so forth. You are often less on words what you go through that time, tension builds up and you are someone who wants to run away from your own self that time, but unfortunately you have to live with this guilt for whole of your life. This is the mental pressure you often go through when you do a wrong. Now let’s talk about your biological symptoms too: shivering, stammering and sweating, most common of all the symptoms when you are caught in a social wrong. If even we are not caught for it, our body doesn’t allow us to deal with a situation that’s completely out of our pecking order. Example: Writing a wrong spelling for a word, your hand takes a break or makes a mental err; and the whole body system stuck for a moment. Right!

Hence I discard the theory, of my friend, where he amazed me for years that wrongs and rights are just a social bindings, in fact they are very biological and mental, and this is the reason why we have wrongs and rights because somewhere or the other our body is not habitual to wrongs, it will always react to wrongs in a hard core opposition.

Have you ever wondered, why do people end up dieing of cancers and multi organ dysfunction, all because they abuse there bodies to some or the other kinds of wrongs like alcohols or drugs. Rights and wrongs don’t stick to social life of a person they also stick to us personally, when you abuse your body to a wrong, you suffer from biological and mental problems more than any social problem, people will willingly accept us with cancer or cardiovascular disease but our own body will discard us for the wrongs we do to it, some do it for fun, while others feel, that life is far more serious than fun, but we all abuse our bodies with some or the other wrongs.

More than physical wrongs we are involved in mental wrongs, i.e. we stress our body and mind by giving it liberties of wrong or ill thought procedure, even when you think out of your box, i.e., your mind and psyche it affects the gravity of thoughts we had for long. For example: there is a cousin of mine who keeps on discussing about wrongs people do against her, but often she forgets to learn what all wrong she’s doing and had done to others. She stresses herself and the atmosphere in my house too when ever she’s here. Wrongs and Rights are a part of our body and somehow we all know our own part of wrongs, realizing them is a great deal, what we often forget to do. So, next time when you are wrong, just try and feel your own rhythm of heartbeat or check whether are you sweating or showing any odd symptoms, because more than any social or moral, wrongs are physical and biological.

I remember one incident, where I know one of my Uncles, who’s a great liar and people call us anti relatives. He wears sun glasses inside the room when he wants to lie. Somehow it becomes easy to not to show discomfort through your eyes. He’ll deliberately walk up to the bar to make a drink for himself when he’s lying because then you only face the bottles of the bar and not the people. Anyways it’s just to tell him here, that people do understand when you are lying. It’s a wrong judgment when you feel that you are better than others and can lie beautifully without anyone’s knowledge. So, here it explains that people do know what’s right and what’s wrong.

The true caliber of a person is not how well he prepares for everything to go right.

But how he stands up and moves on after everything has gone wrong.

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