Why is a Mother So Important?

Often people crib about Mom’s and not Dad’s. But why? Is he less important to all of us? Is he not doing his job properly? Is he not a good Dad? Nope, then why is he not important except on your merit papers, he has never been awarded with songs and memories on him. He has never made to emotional speeches. He has not even made to the Parent Teacher Meetings at Schools.

Why are we making this world so segriggated; why have we made one important as compared to the other. Why is one “the significant one” while the other one not?

May be thats how we have been made and brought up. We have always been segregating things and people. We have always been comparing to all what we have. Even when we eat food, we term items as “mandatory to eat”. When we dress up we make segregations on the basis of occasions, when we are on outings we compare places, foods, menus, crowd, etc , etc.

That is how we have differentiated between Mother and The Father; generally or say generic-ally because we pop out from our mothers womb we are attached to them for some extra time, following the suit she is our first care taker in terms of physical take care & thats how we get attached to her. But fathers give up their dreams, their sleep, their aches to let us fly high.

Fathers do the unseen, they are the game changers.Their efforts & sleepless nights decide which school you will be at; their body aches decide which vacation you’ll afford; their perseverance decides which college you’ll end up in; and their commitment to bring you up decided what kind of human you’ll end up being.

It is because of a father that you’ll have a solid structure/platform for life, it is because of him that you’ll have an emotional balance. It is his effort that you’ll love life n people around you because he’ll be there to take u places n make u learn a lot. There are people who live half/incomplete lives because they have either of a parent. But fathers’ are the milestones! They are the steady rocks. They are the epitome of unseen love. They love us more when they scold us to become better.

Never ever underestimate the power of a father. He is your backbone – a solid one.

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