Solution, something what all of us keep on looking for in our lives,

But have you ever made a one come to its happy end.


Often when we talk about life, we only recall days of hardships and miseries; why? This is because they are the most cherished moments of our life and they are the one made us what we are and how we are. Those moments of truth made us either tough or broke us down town, bringing down our whole world to a terrible end. But why don’t we cherish the moment of making good decisions that time, why don’t we believe that all because we fought well with great zeal and not to forget we made right choice of solutions to gather our today. This is why in my life; only solutions have great place of reverence to me not the hardships. I love that they fell on me to make what I’ am today and what my today brings in for me. This is because we all love to share our sorrows and often respect them and not the happiness that fell after the sadness was averted by the solutions.

Solution is nothing but a measure buyable at both the ends. As this world is mix of rational and irrational peoples every where, we generally come up with conclusions and not solutions. We are here to be a part of many diverse thinking and theories those may or may not appeal us. Therefore we have so much of diversities in our conclusions, though some of you may not even agree with me, but that’s the part of life. This is what I’ am here to tell others, that life is not at all mathematical.

Yes. Mathematics is something that will remain static in some or the other way, though sometimes even in mathematics we do have difference of opinion, all because there are various methods of solving a single problem (by two or more ways). And here, where life is so fragile and vague, we look for solutions to it. If I tell you to reach 8 by adding 2 or more digits, you may have more than 10 ways of doing that: some of you will add 4+4, some may do 2+6, 1+7, 3+5, 1+1+1+1+4, and so on and so forth… so, when you don’t know what is a single and only method of concluding 8, how can you look for a single upright solutions for a problem in life. At least in mathematics we still have same answers to same questions at the end, but in life it’s not possible to reach at a same conclusion every time. Things and people change, their psyche may or may not agree to whatever you may agree too. In mathematics we end up getting to an exactly same answer to a given question every time; but not to life and its challenges we face everyday.

Finding solutions to problems: is the most difficult aspect of life, because when you have trouble accounting your budget, at least you are able to find a way out of it, some or the other books of accounting gives you the best way of solutions to your problems and you are out of it, in minutes or it may take a day but not more than that. But when it is about life and people, huh, that becomes the most difficult task to do, or say the most unachievable goal your boss has ever asked for. But no matter what, we need to come to conclusion, after all it’s our life and we can’t be averse about it.

Solutions are within us, your very first instinct or your build up relationship with time and so on; I have always found that 99% of us have instinctive powers and our very first instincts are found to be the most accurate about everyone in life we meet. Therefore, whenever I meet someone, I take my own time to unwind myself to that person, so that I can recall every thing what I felt about the first meeting, I always come home, think about the person and then conclude whether to go ahead with the friendship or let him be just a an around person. I try and stick to my guts and do as they say, but sometimes, or rather many a times when ever I have changed my decision of being friends to people whom I didn’t like in my first meeting, I have made huge blunders. Yes. Blunder is the word, what I have done. Ending up in such shady friendships those just appear to the most right thing at that point of time are real blunders of life. But I also believe that they are the learning lessons of life, if you’ll not have bad people around you, how will you be able to judge who are good to you.

I’m some one who never looks for solution because when you try and look for something, you always miss a chance of finding the right thing, at the right place, at the right time. And it’s always like a situation so called missing woods in the forest. Am I right, it’s just as you see scissors in your pen stand every day, but always look for it when you need it the most. Similarly, when you try and look for solutions in life, you’ll never find them with your right person and at your right time. They (solutions) just fall at you when you are not looking for a one and that too from someone you have always disbelieved that it could come from. Sometimes even the most unwanted of the TV shows give us solutions or a third eye to a matter what you may be looking for.

I have also come across a category of people who look for problems because they have too many solutions of everything. Have you come across someone like this or it’s just me who’s always surrounded by fool’s who end up making my life beautiful and full of life and laughter bugs. Its all because of their wishful thinking that I’m writing this book today, if they would have not been around, it would have not been possible. Thank you my dear friends and relatives and also there solved life’s for what they keep on looking for problems.

They are basically not the category of people, they are itself a species, and they love to go by the books every time. They are the people who are busy reading books on: how to manage your house and events? (When organized it ends up in a big mess with wired menu and bad sitting plan). How to deal with a relationship? (Often after the latest break up, sometimes the 247th one in a row). How to raise your child and make him obedient? (And that produces the most irritating child, you could have ever encountered in your whole life time).

These are the people who keep everyone entertained with there solutions, that too when they have never encountered with a problem like that, still they will convince you that they are the most appropriate people you should look for, in the matter of advice. Solutions are not there in the books, they are within you, no one knows your stand though, everyone faces similar problems in life, but not the same one. Often in life even same problems sometimes don’t have same solutions. Solution is something you should avoid looking for, my advice is, go off to sleep and start fresh with a new day without worrying to find a solution, you’ll be able to find a one as soon as you stop looking for it.

When looked vigorously for, are often not found;

When you try not to look for, they pop out.

And that’s what we call Solutions.

Nothing goes by books in life, except your Mathematics’ Problem and Chemistry Solutions’. They even sometimes conclude to something different. Therefore, I’ll recommend people not to look for outside advice, look for your inner solutions and advices, because they are the most appropriate, authentic and unbiased if you can think impartially.

Sometimes we even face a situation where we don’t end up seeing a solution, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a problem; it just means that you are not satisfied with the solution what you have been approached with, by the nature. Though, one’s one of my very good friends told me, that, if you don’t reach to a solution, it does mean, that basically the problem is not prevailing and you are just looking for a solution to something that’s not a problem, or may be not your problem. No. I don’t agree; it’s only that the problem was very much there, it was me who was looking for other options and was not satisfied with what ever I was given. Often we are not satisfied with the solutions and conclusions and therefore we look for options, life doesn’t come with option, it will only come with solution not (s). In today’s mathematical and practical world we are more into options than solution, life is not buyable at a super market baby, else we all would have bought goodness and clarity in advance. It is because of so many options to choose had made us choosy in nature and we do look for many options even in our practical lives. On a contrary, we miss the fun of having no option and working for what is given, hence we waste our time, money and energy for looking for more than the given in advance. We want enlarged menus on our tables so that we can have wide variety of food options, so do we treat life, just as a restaurant menu.

Problems don’t approach with an invitation and solution in back hand. They just appear like a monster you were not actually prepared to attack at. None of us are ever prepared for any problems in life, this is why maybe they are called problem uncalled for and with time we come to conclude the solution. If we were to know the problems in advance, we could have averted them long before they could appear. As in my above example, I will not order Sushi, if I know that I’ am a vegetarian. Problems are not served but fought well with vigor and brevity. So shall the solutions should come from a great intelligent and a calm mind. Significantly will do plays an important role because if you will, you can do anything and everything. Problems are nothing in measure to a force of an honestly will powered man. If I don’t will to solve my problems I shall always be here in the deep puddle of stinking shit.

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