Talk Less and Show More

Life teaches us the biggest challenge to fight, i.e. when you say nothing but achieve everything in a given time. Every achievement made will be well deserved at any point of time but if made in time it will stand out dazzling. Most of our great achievers in this world achieved their goals and aims by being a less of a talker and more of a doer. Often people with great amount of ideas (only ideas flowing through our mind) don’t achieve more because they are more of a talker and less of an achiever as we can call them. In my previous chapter Goals and Ideas I have mentioned that ideas are nothing as concrete but a goal definitely is, all because goal is like a glass of water in front of me, and I have to make up to drink it, while an idea is nothing but looking at a large sea and assuming the process of it making to my glass of water and then drinking it gradually. It’s not the ease that I’m defining; rather I’m stating the focus and clarity of thought in this whole process. When you know that you need to drink water, you shall also have the clarity of thought from where you going to make it.

Therefore we have 2 Categories of people:

  • The Achievers and
  • The Conversationalist (as I call them).

Generally, the one who stand in front of the sea will tell you long stories on how they will make it possible for this whole world to drink this same water one day, rather than working on it. While on the other hand the second category of men will already see water in their glass, because the tedious process of cleaning the water will already be over for them.

The Achievers: They are the one who finish off with the procedure of cleaning the water from the sea, will get it to the kitchen, pour in the glass and will reveal his ideas to the world. The true achiever will not share the pain but will definitely share and show case his achievements and talent. He’s the one who had no time to talk all because he was busy doing. And when you are busy achieving or you are on your path of doing and achieving, you have no time to boast or brag about the ideas you have and the pain you went through making it happen, because it’s all in the process and we all go through. The way an achiever thinks itself states that he’s bound for make it one day, big.

The Conversationalist: The second category of people, they have nothing but a mind full of ideas. Sometimes even not ideas; they are just braggers and nothing more. They believe in doing long conversations over the matter and nothing that they feel like achieving. They are the brain full of lists of people and the achievements made, they can only wish and hope to be there on the top; they have no belief to be there and to make it. Someone to my knowledge, one day told me that whenever he thinks of an idea he wants to work out, it comes in the market before he materialises it. Surprisingly, when I told him about my book, his reply was the same, Wow! That was my patent idea, I wanted to write a book of this kind, but again destiny cheated on him, I did it before he could have. All his patented ideas are something what already exists i.e. he wants to open a school, a hospital, a restaurant, a club, an amusement park, a hotel, franchises’ of all known food chains in the world, a steel industry, a steed farm, etc, etc, etc. But as all achievements have already been done, he feels no concern to do them again because he’s wants to do but only unique things in life. Basically, he’s only interested in long conversations and nothing beyond that. The category of people here is of; talk more and do less, right opposite to my topic. Alas! That’s called coincidence, the man I have mentioned here above, yah! strangely we met today and just imagine topic of the day, miracle again he had a plan and destiny cheated him again; this time a business where you have nothing to do, just get a tender worth billions and then substitute it to other agencies. Now I sometimes feel like killing myself when I have to see him in my common parties, because how can someone fail so many times in life, right! Though I was about to ask him, that where will you get your basic investments from, if you want a tender worth billions then you should at least have a million in your pocket. Anyways this is my fun category, when I feel low I talk to them to just cheer myself up, because you can come home and laugh like mad after this meet is over. Here I remember a joke; how will you make God have a hearty laugh? Tell him Future Plans you have. And I’m sure God must be dying laughing on them every day. Rite.

On the other hand, Achievers are those who do it and don’t show or say about. This is the lesson to learn for life, we shall all strive to be an achiever by nature. And the best quality of an achiever is that he achieves because of his own zeal and courage. He’s the one not interested in talking about the hardships he had faced while on the path of achievement, rather he’s the one who achieves first and discusses second. That too the cherished part. Strictly. His achievements are his babies; before he’s born the father is too scared to talk about him in public and ones he’s born he can’t get over discussing about him to you. These discussions are motivating and we shall all take lessons from them. He’s made it possible with his sheer courage and will power, he had had achieved because his goals were crystal clear to him. “The one who wills to reach the destination will never umpire the pebbles of the way.” And this is the imperative quality of a true hero, he achieves because what he sees is the ultimate destination of his triumph; he’s someone who cannot or will not waste time in judging the hardships drawn in on the way to success. This is something I learned from my friend years ago in my college, when I couldn’t reach his address, I gave up and called him to say that I may return if I won’t be able to find his house in 5 more minutes. He asked me one question; Are you dogged to meet me today? And my instantaneous answer was yes. He said, then just tell yourself to not to panic and surrender in any condition, because you not been able to locate my house is not a great deal, just think like this; I’ am your destination and you shall reach me anyway. And quote that supported me this time was; reach for your goals without even fearing for hardships you face during the drive. Though that day it had no real life meaning to my unruly college life, but today this phrase has changed my life uncannily and I do understand the importance of destination and its feat. And whenever I’ am about to give up, I remind myself of this and it becomes easy to be a part of the game again.

Talk less and Show more; because this is the way life is. When you are pregnant you first visit the doctor to confirm rather than shouting it loud on your roof top, you never know it’s just a false alarm may be. That is why even in life until not sure don’t shout it out loud. We all believe in results rather than getting false alarms every day, so on and so forth. Rather I may take the liberty to say, that you don’t even need to shout it out loud anyway, because when you achieve something, in this very case if you are pregnant then definitely people will themselves know it one day with your sweet little baby bump and if not; then the result of bearing it for nine months will clear it out once and for all when he/she will cry out loud. May be therefore we say that we don’t need to shout out our achievements, they do it themselves.

I have always believed in doing so every time, sharing my immature projects has never been my idea ever. Though my idea behind not sharing may sound childish but I believe in this. It is that if the project fails mid-way or final project dooms face off then the awkwardness and the humiliation of being a part of it remains to me or to a lesser quantity of people. So that next time when I start again, I shall not have a baggage of people telling me my failure stories as good night tales and letting me lose my valour. As none of us achieved success without having being failed ones or may be more. And so is the case with me, I failed many times to achieve my own success and still thriving for the best to come. I’ am no one special, just one among you all. When you’ll meet me, you may think that I’ am one person who has nothing inside, because I’ am a chatter box, but what I chat about, are not my plans, for me plans are just for execution and not discussions. Therefore, I believe in being a one who’s interested in being there in the category of Talk less, Show more. And as you fail, it keeps you more pepped up and charged to make it this time bigger than the biggest ever. You will be surprised to know that today itself my query letter to a publication got rejected because they are busy with other projects for coming 3 years, seems lots of work. And this is no surprise, its a shock for everyone reading this, no one except me and one of my brothers know about this book till date; not even my parents though I live with them in one house. I don’t fear failure its only that I don’t want to put myself in a place where others should have any right to feel sad for me anyway. Despite failing I try myself every day.

Success comes to those who try to fail several times before succeeding finally.

And the one, who fails to try, fails miserably, because he chose it to be.

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