Unintelligent Intellectuals

Most treasured people in this world; especially for me. The best of the lot, most people who love to be intellectuals without any knowledge of the subject or sometimes over abundant knowledge, they seem to be the best of the lot to me, because always and forever they have convinced me a lot for being knowledgeable and also for not throwing it on others when not required. You too must have met such people and have had a great experience of the torture they elaborate on you forcefully. I have divided these Unintelligent Intellectuals in two categories:

  • Going By the Book of Knowledge.
  • Creating Own Book of Knowledge.

Now I shall explain why and how. These are the two most important categories of individuals who have had influenced my life to no end, all because they have always been successful in making me understand the bona fide worth of real knowledge.


For me they are more irritating than the second category, because too much relying on the books is harmful until and unless not dealt with a reality check or I can say, not implemented with practicality. They are too fairy tale kind of people, everything in life is 70mm BOOK and not less because the books are always the reference point. When you talk about love to them it has to be Mills and Boons only, if you talk about religion it has to only go by words of the chants and even if you talk about raising a child, going by the books is the only solution; rather sometimes leading a good life is far more important than reading a book as a 70mm kaleidoscope and following religiously. For me or any other sensible person; we all know that a book is nothing more than a reference point, rather when we want to implement such ideas to our life we know where to draw lines and where to extend. It is like taking advice, but following it in our own power and understanding.


Going By Books kind of people are too restricted to books, it’s a controversial subject when you want to contradict them because when they talk it’s all intellectual and refined with a backup of a well deserved and well written book but who will not agree that a book is a dream world in its own way, we all have romantic drives but who had had a life of a lover who was as passionate in love as a Mills and Boons Man, or who had made love to a girl just because he was smitten by the beauty of the women (also the women did get carried away too, why?). The more passionate the book is the more does it sells. It has nothing to do with real life romance what you and I must have experienced in life. Religion is again controversial for them, they are the category who will regularly visit the pope or the saint for blessings and humble conversations but will hardly be able to understand, all because they believe in too much of bookish knowledge, just because spiritual leader said something it has to be done, irrespective of its influence of it on our own personal life. They don’t try and understand the depth but all they know is to follow. They are the uncanny community of people who destroy the thoughts of the knowledge imparted in the religious and spiritual books, no where it is written that whatever is there in the book should be followed as it is. Even the highest of all the religious books, Geeta does have some phrases that may not have influence in today’s world the way it had in the past. It may have a different approach today than what it had in the past. The books are responsible for passing on the thoughts and not the procedures.

Just for example, where I read in some Hindu religious book, that no one should take bath starch naked as it spreads bad energy. Then I just looked for the reference in the book and found that it was written may be even beyond Before Christ and therefore, in today’s world it holds no value because it was written for the people who had no privacy of luxury bathrooms. It was the time when people took bath in Ganges or in some other but definitely in an open place where it was inappropriate to be naked. And today when we live in plush localities with lush apartments and have luxury bathrooms, we are free to do what all we want to, even in the bathroom. I certainly believe that it must have had its importance when written but today it holds no place in our life. Therefore, with time passing by so rapidly we need to grow out of so many things what we feel were right ages back but are now no longer a part of our too busy and stressful life. But the bookworms I’ am talking about will definitely have their own set of dumb explanation. Each one of us has ability to judge and be responsible for the kind of approach of life we want to gather towards our goal.

Books are important to impart knowledge but will not have any kind of rule or authority in our lives. Rude but Real; if so much was to be learned by books then animals would have not existed at all, they would have not produced and raised their species. For me books are reference, a thought that has been passed from ages to us so that we can implement it in our lives to make it comfortable and more systematic. Existence is inevitable and so is the growth, with or without knowledge is our personal choice. And now when you get an opportunity to learn from book, learn it but with a pinch of salt because whatever experience I will have had in my life, you may also have a similar one but definitely not the same one and that is why I mentioned that there will be a remarkable difference of intellect or situation or people.


Much relaxed category of people, they are the most innocent idiots of the bunch, rather they believe that the whole world is an idiot and they can fool anyone and everyone, because they are the smartest of all present. First category (Going by Books) is dangerous but this one is pathetic, with first category you can’t fight but with them you dare not fight. They have gained all the intelligence and knowledge without even reading a single book of substance. They are dangerous because they don’t believe in reading books, they were born intelligent and they know it all, so you shall not question the source of knowledge that flows out of them. Ask me how many and I’ll say I have a bunch full of people who fall in this category. Surprised, don’t be. This is reality, one’s you go out in this world you know it how pandemic this disease is. I’ am sure by now itself you must have made a list in your own mind by now. We all encounter such tragedies in life, but without them being around, you will never understand the worth of knowledge you have. Even I didn’t. I have a friend and an Aunt, whom I’ll talk about here in this topic; Mrs. Sandler is no one out of this world but the only problem is her boasting knowledge, she has to prove that one’s she’s made a statement it has to be true. Even if you show her evidences of her failure for the same, she’ll still stick to her stupid ideas. Her reasons are maddening but the sophistication of fixing them in your brain is immutable. Me being me, I always put my foot down for the fact that’s been exhibited in the book of reference, but she will prove the scientists and mathematicians wrong too; her Grand ma’s philosophies are her reference points. Just because her Grandmother said something it can’t be true. And even if it was many years ago, then it may not fit into this world of today. But the most challenging part of this whole melodrama is her spirit and ardor to fight back, no matter how fallacious her statement is.


I made myself learn that this is the only category of people who aren’t well read at all, but will prove you wrong despite you being knowledgeable about it. They are the most immature category of people who can make you feel proud of your knowledge, because at least now you know how it feels to actually ‘know’ about things in life. For me I call them a category of people who are like wife’s to each other, always pulling you towards the other end. I still remember that I read a book about myths and it read, that tying a CD on the rear view mirror will never help you fool the speedometer on the traffic signal because it’s a myth that it reflects wrong or a lesser speed. Before I finished about it, her instant reply was that its untrue, I have been driving since I was a kid and it tying CD on the rearview does help. To my surprise I was about to ask her if she landed from the womb in the car to this earth; driving since she was a kid. Hello! You have learned to drive just 7 months back darling and also driving before the age of 18 is a punishable act in law.

They are un-read as well as the category who will never even watch intelligent programs and documentaries, because they miss the melodrama and the gossip entertainment. One category those who encourage the world to make all kind of family drama’s because they are the religious viewers of the same. This is my personal opinion, people who love watching all these family dramas are the one who love or enjoy discussing the extreme gossips of a real life family too. They are the one responsible for making a public display of the crucial matters of extreme importance to a family to nation. They are like fuel to fire when it comes to burst the matter in public. There unintelligence can make you pay a price for the same, though I generally avoid being in touch with them, but they are like leaches in your life, one’s found will stick forever. They are the one who force their opinion on others because they are the ultimate source of knowledge to everyone on earth; this is what they feel, it’s not the reality it’s a myth too.

But to me they are my guiding forces; all because they convince me further more to read and be knowledgeable and not to blabber without any back ground of real knowledge. And I did learn my ways of reading and practicing to gain knowledge than just collecting the age old stories from Grandma to compel people to follow. It may be easy to be an ignorant or an unintelligent being for life but it takes real courage to respect your ignorance and try learning than just remain what you were born as. Change yourself for your own good and make yourself worthy.

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