Wishes Come True

I wish I could fly.

What I don’t wonder, is Why? 

Love should have happened.

When I would have had found, my right guy. 

I found my respect.

When I looked into my eyes. 

I ‘am the most successful among the bunch.

As life is not all about the crunch. 

I raised my passion sky high.

I achieved all within a single life. 

My wish was to live a life.

But now I wish, soon I shall die.

We always wish to have everything what could possibly be ours. We keep on wishing for them to fall in place for us. But life is not all about achieving your wishes, in fact it’s all about making a right choice while asking for something and bearing all the expenses of getting it either as a reward of your justified demand from the supreme power or just getting whacked.

I Wished


I Had My Faith

So as I Held Myself in My Tough Times!

Whatever Came My Way

I Endured It All

I believed it to fall.

To fall at a place so right.

That will keep me happy

And make me feel light.

And I Got all nice.

It was nothing but me,

Who believed and fetched the bright.


This is what life is all about. If you have that true spirit to achieve your goals, may be not today, but tomorrow you can and you will achieve your goal for life. It’s only about the belief, if you can believe, you can make it big, because all our beliefs are built on faith and passion to achieve the desired results. No one made big without faith and believe in himself, because before others believe in you, it’s you, who shall believe in oneself and need to calculate the self worth. And if only you be able to do that, half way to your success is mastered.

If you only hope for things to happen without making an effort to make it right, nothing will happen until and unless you really pay back the equal. Therefore we say: nothing comes for free in life and to make it possible for yourself, you need to give your best. It’s not about money that can make you achieve the best things in life, it’s about the over all success of life. If you fail to be a good child to your parents, or a good spouse, or a good parent yourself, it’s equally a major failure of life.

I Wished.

I Hoped.

 I Failed.

 Never Made It

Hence I Never Got

And never achieved

As hopes will not fetch me my stars. 

Therefore, I always believe in dreaming big, so that the next morning I have a belief that I will make to my stars, sometimes we reach stars, sometimes not, but surely we’ll get our moon. I hope you all know the science that starts are much farthest from the earth than the moon, that’s why I wrote to achieve stars. Not the moon. If your plan is to reach moon, you will hardly achieve earth. It’s not that we won’t get our stars, we always get what we desire for, but the fact behind reaching your moon is that every state of life is dissatisfying and we always think that till now, we have only reached the moon. Though, if you try and think rationally, you’ll always see yourself achieving more than what you ever deserved and desired, all throughout your life. It’s only that our priorities keeps on changing, as soon as I finish up with my first level of success, my back up plan for next level is ready and hence, the very unfinished tasks makes us feel, unachieved.

Every time, you have made a big fortune, you hardly enjoyed it, because your next level plan of investing the amount is always ready and before you relax your muscles on profits made, you stretch your tensions to the much bigger deals of life. The moment you give your junior college exam, you prepared for the senior college; the moment you were out of it, you planned your placements; hardly have you got yourself settled to your career, you planned to marry. So on and so forth. It just goes on for life, before we even finish up with one success, we plan the next and start working for it making your next level as a burden of previous success.

Coming back to the topic of wishes or rather successful wishes. Every time you ask your god to make something true for you, he certainly grants you with. But the complication is that many a time we don’t understand the gravity of our wishes. We wish to get so much more non-sense in our lives, that we actually make our selves a good book to be read by others. Often our mistakes are taken as a good learning lesson of life by others. But no one learns from others mistakes, so don’t worry, it’s not you who’s the only fool out here. As we all made mistakes while wishing the best for ourselves. Many a times when we wish, we feel that this is the most important and the most wise wish we have ever made, but it turns out to be the most hardest of all our lesson for life.

Our wishes are granted even when we just walk pass them in our mind and soul, I keep on wishing for having a good and sound sleep at night, only because I ‘am to sensitive to light and noise in my room and how come you can have a sound and light proof rooms to sleep without a single disturbances. When ever I missed my favorite documentary on Discovery and Fox History Channel, I always wished for there endless repeat telecasts. Nothing very important though, but wishing is our day to day life. We wish for rains some time, when ever we are with our boyfriends and girlfriends. We wish for a dry day when ever we are in office, because we don’t want to reach home late due to rains after almost a bad day in office. Small little wishes those are almost of no prime importance in our life make a great difference to build our faith. These small wishes of finding an ice-cream parlor open at mid night, makes us believe that wishes come true.

Wishes come true, but always and forever with an equal and respectful cost. It’s always a two way traffic line, if you put in your hard work and passion; you get your fair and just rewards. If you don’t make any real effort, not even god wishes to grant you your due fortune. Nothing comes for free; so as success, happiness, joy, money and family; for everything in life you have to get yourself involved in and make real labors. Just put up yourself with the pain; feel of anxiety, trialed and exhausted. This is what it will cost you to make your dreams come true.

Dreaming and wishing them to be real is easy but putting them to reality is what is worthy. I don’t tell you to not to dream, it’s only a request that leave that bed the very next morning, so that now you can work hard for your next move. Be prepared, attack, fight, apply your tact’s and achieve, unless you get the goal. Don’t compromise to what you achieve, set your target and goals so that you don’t go off to sleep until you achieve your target. Compromises are never worthy, as we keep on cribbing for them, achieve what you want, don’t leave the battle field unless you make it big.

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