Today over my morning coffee with my cousin sister, she reminded me of this very topic of X-Factor, in fact I shall rather admit that the very name X-Factor came into existence because of her. I was astonished that it’s not only me who worries about it in life, there are many who are concerned and my best example was right there sitting beside me all in pink, drenched with tension all over with her big fat Human Resource Course book in her hand. Worrying for something that’s very human a resource, all because it’s omnipresent and does felt almost every moment of life, just like we feel the air (hot or cold), we feel the X-Factor too.

What do I mean by X-Factor?

Something that is so very important and does leads your life, some of us call it passion, some call it purpose and few of us think it’s the aim. But there’s a lot of difference in all the three, rather four. Passion is something that derives your life. Aim is what you need to achieve. Purpose is something what you need to find out in life. But all three are things what are listed as the necessity of life, a life that should be fairy tale, where I shall have the best job, best family and friends, time to enjoy and have fun, and also a life that’s trouble free with loads of luxury around. This is the unreal world of your real aims, passions and purposes when it comes to listing it down on a piece of paper.

Let’s do an exercise to know your X-Factor!

Simple, it’s simple when I say simple but only until I wait for you to get ready with a pen and a huge piece of paper; take at least 2 sheets of A4 size paper. Now it’s again very simple. Start thinking about various good things around you and also the good people.

  1. Take your Sheet No. 1 and now start writing things in numerical order in one word what you love the most, it can be things or people, they can be things as materialistic as a plush house, expensive Gucci or Guess or anything as random as you can think, don’t judge yourself right now, just write. You’ll get enough time to be judgemental about it ahead.
  2. There can be names too; you can definitely have names of people you can’t do without in life, your parents, friends, girl friend, boy friend, wife, fiancé, anyone and everyone you love unconditionally. They can be people who inspire us for all good things in life; they can be anyone from politics to acting.
  3. Keep writing until you are satisfied, don’t stop yourself. Don’t jump to the other line before completing your task. Keep doing it; it’s for you, not me.
  4. Now when you are finally over with it, keep the paper aside.
  5. Take your Sheet No. 2 and now start writing things you definitely can live without, things you hate and dislike. Let it be anything again.
  6. Right from the shoe in your closet to your bills. Think of random things you hate.
  7. Be it your Aunt or Uncle, your Boss or Colleague. Let it be anything to everything, right from people to materialistic things. Just do it, as I say.
  8. Again, just don’t be judgemental; write your spouse’s name if it really comes to your mind in one shot. Do it, its fun game. The game of X-Factor.
  9. Now when you are over with your lists, close the book and go off to sleep. Or take a break, at least a break of an hour or two. I want you to forget your respective lists. See you tomorrow darlings. Good bye.

Good Day My Darlings!

Something that you couldn’t take off your mind whole night, just write that on a page with bold font or just in capital letters.

  1. Welcome again, now when you are back after the break I’ am sure you must have thought a lot about the lists you made, or may be some of you must have kept the promise of forgetting everything about it.
  2. Now take another pen, some other ink I mean, and also your Sheet No.1 and now start cancelling everything what you think will not change your life so much so that you should die for it to be yours and also cancel things and people, you actually have forgotten about in this time. i.e., in short cancel the things what you can definitely live without.
  3. Cancel things in the category of passion, aim and purpose.
  4. There must be some things and people what you think you can’t do without, when it is about people in your list, cancel all those who don’t come to your mind every day, be it your brother or sister. This means people who are in the category of “out of sight, out of mind”. And also people those will not affect you after they are gone.
  5. Now when you have cancelled all the people and things unwanted, surely you are left with one or two things in the list.
  6. This can be “a huge house and your parents”, something you really can’t live without. House is certainly an aim, once achieved will be forgotten in days. But your parents are somebody so very important that even if they leave the world, everyday they will be there in your memory, no matter how busy or occupied you are. Certainly parents are the X-Factor for life. And also the factor that didn’t go out of your mind the whole night is definitely precious to you. Move on, you have it in you.
  7. Sheet No. 2, destroy. They are already not needed in life.

Only our creative endeavours stay with us for long and they are the last to die within us, they even die with our last breath. X-Factor is the determination to achieve the goal. This runs along or sometimes way ahead of our noticed passions, aims, wishes and desires’. This runs in our blood as a burning desire to achieve more and more once when achieved. For Example if you desire to be a Film Director, your desire won’t get satisfied by only making one brilliant movie. Even if you are awarded Oscar for it, it will make you work more hard and for more good. Achievements always make you move ahead and not that they satisfy you to end. If you buy a Gucci watch today what you may have desired for years now, your wish is over and you may not want another, next time maybe you wish to buy some other watch. But X-Factor is something as important as life, as wanted as oxygen for survival of the soul. And if we don’t work hard towards our X-Factor then it will be an unfinished life even if my ashes are burnt to death.

You have just now learned a lesson, that there is nothing grave in life except X-Factor, because we can always exist with or without the things we like or dislike and we can also live with or without achieving our goals, aim, passion and purposes, but something that won’t go unfinished with us will be X-Factor. Basically here you have learned to live without everything.

Generally we don’t realise about X-Factor, all because whole of our life we are so busy with other things that we don’t really get to notice the very X-Factor of our life. When we were born our aim was pre-decided by our parents, sometimes they asked us too but the aim of being was decided whether it be a good human or rich or educated, it was all decided by them, we just choose whether to be or not to be. Purposes, we all have a purpose; this is even as important as purpose to be born, this was told long ago in our respective mythological books; we are all born with a purpose in life, a purpose to fulfil our needs and necessities. Passion is something of our own, we decided it because it gave us satisfaction and as we say in Italian “La Fina della passione é il principio del pentimento” significance, “The end of passion is the beginning of repentance” because it’s pure and it your own form of journey ahead or beyond your pre decided life. No one ever got a passion in plead, every one of us looked for it and made it happen all because it gave us our own way of living and liking. Something that drove us mad and being this mad was fun, the real excitement and the deep pleasure, no matter how stony or tough it was to achieve it, but we all did it happily.

X-Factor is neither passion, nor your aim and also not a purpose for life, but this is something without which our life is so much so incomplete that existing without it is almost like living a dead man’s life. Though there can be loads many kind of X-Factors in life but they should be the ultimate life-lines of your life, something you definitely know that you can’t exist without. Though I happen to  learn from one of my close friends’ that it’s not possible for a man to love something so such so that he shall die without that very thing in life, but today writing about X-Factor I’ am definite that there can be things and people so important that you can’t live without.

X – Factor is the soul of our very existence.

X-Factor is something that gives you your ultimate happiness, keeps you going and drives you for your existence. Sometimes you even want to live without it being around, all because it’s there in your heart still as alive as you are. X-Factor is something most important to you all because it’s the ultimate thing that can keep you alive; it is the only source of true happiness and contentment in life. Some of them are the visible factors of life, while others are invisible or may I say, more of emotional X-Factors. X-Factor is the bridge between being satisfactory or unsatisfactory, a journey from discontentment to contentment and also from being to not being. It’s a hunt for the life time and definitely a never ending one. Many a times we believe that our family and friends are the true source of happiness but it’s not so, all because we have been living with them for whole of our life therefore we are just accustomed to such environment of they being around or rather we don’t think beyond a life without them, despite knowing that one day everyone will leave us, may be one by one or suddenly and still we all will be surviving, but for what? I’ am here to search for this “What?” because this ‘what’ is the most intense source of life, something that is leading us and something that is most enduring and pulsating, this is the only thing what we keep loving and depending on for our whole life. Unlike other things X-Factor is not your weakness rather the strength that keeps your life going on; sometimes there are people who live even after they have lost their families and friends in a disaster. Why? Just because we all have that fire that keeps our spirits high and still makes it easy for us to live rather than dying. This X-Factor, that keeps us going ahead and leads us to a beautiful fulfilment called life. There can be no living without X-Factor in life; if it is then definitely it’s just existence.

For different people, there are different kinds or types of X-Factors, I may not be able to write them all but what I can try is, letting you know some of them through me, what all I felt are the most common to this world.

Spirituality as X-Factor

Spirituality as X-Factor is rare but true, only few of us are that derived in life to reach out for spirituality, because this feeling of achievement of being near to god is far greater than anything on this whole earth. It is even more sound and calmer than the emotional X-Factor of being in love with the soul. People as X-Factor is common to the world, because certainly we feel that humans are our most needed and priced possessions and we cannot live without them. Even as per my research, 99% people had their loved ones as their X-Factors in life. But for very few it’s the true spirituality, for them life seems so incomplete and unachieved without reaching him. Many of the greatest spiritual Guru’s have been the very normal people with almost normal upbringing, but the only thing that connects them to higher or supreme powers, is the very incomplete cycle, where everyone of us stands one day, because all of us want that cycle to run and achieve the very factor, where we are the most satisfied and the most complete. Spiritual high is the greatest of all the consciousnesses. It takes you to places custom made for you. Enjoying everything that is so very calm peaceful and charismatic, the charm of being there has fascinated this world, but only few lucky one’s have made it through. Just by writing about spirituality, I have felt calmness within me; I want to know how it feels to be there one day.

People as X-Factor

Many of us and also for me X-Factor of my life is my people all because there is no definite materialistic thing I can’t really live without, money and materials are here today and may not be there tomorrow or maybe they are already in plenty for me. And even if people leave us alone tomorrow, their memories will hardly die out from our lives. There may be many X-Factors, but My People are the ultimate X-Factor and I can’t think of a life without them as they are the most important to me. All the people acknowledged in my book are my X-Factors. My X-Factor is my family, i.e. too, only my parents. Everyone else is secondary to me. But there is one special friend whom I’ll mention here today, that is one of my male friend who is in fact responsible for this whole topic, because he’s the one who always taught me against the motion, he only believed in existing and he always taught me that there’s nothing as important to a human that he cannot live without. Except him everyone around was convinced of the fact that X-Factor should be there else all of us will die, may be not literally but in sense of living and making the life worth. If I don’t have someone or something to look forward to, I don’t want to be here, because every day I have my unfulfilled dreams in my eyes and I want to share it with them. Aims, purposes and passions can be achieved but it’s not impossible to live without achieving them, we all can very well strive for achieving them every day but can definitely leave the world without doing so. I can even live without seeing my parents for months together, I can even do without talking to them, but there is no day in my life or a single moment, when I don’t think about them. They are always as fresh as a daisy in my memory and so is this friend of mine, today it’s been years we haven’t met, but there has been no day when I haven‘t thought about him, all because we were very special for each other. We taught each other the very best of lessons for life. Maybe that was the purpose of life why we actually met for a short time of 2years. And further the destiny decided to part our ways and we didn’t compromise on our wishes. Today by the means of this book of mine I want to tell him, that he’s my X-Factor of life, I only live here today because every day when I get up, I pray to see him again and meet him for once in my life. So that I can apologise for all my mistakes and stupidities, rest everything I do will be my list of achievements and success in this life. Just as this, book writing is my passion not the X-Factor, I’ am not dying without it.  Now, let me tell you something, there is no man you loved so much that he became your X-Factor, it’s the in-return love that made that person you life’s X-Factor and made the person so very special. It’s not the people but the intense bond that becomes the X-Factor of our lives; else we all would have never existed rather would have exited this world much before we were born.

Until and unless you don’t have an over drive in life that takes you to your place of contentment and life of happiness, life becomes bland, and as we say Always Take Life with a Pinch of Salt, but I do believe that we should have vodka with that too. It’s only because when you have salt, it’s like a necessity of life and if you add vodka on top of it, its tastes better, definitely. Salt of life can be either one of these or many; the aims, passions and purposes. But the intoxication of this (Vodka) X-Factor is not only strong and addictive in nature but also a true sense of enjoyment for the people who do it wisely, as over drunkenness makes a mess of a situation so as the over – over drive, all because anything and everything should always have a limit, no matter how imperative or prized it becomes for us, we shall always be guarded by the fences those advise us about our limits and restrict infringements and trespassing. Thus I would always advice for an X-Factor, because it’s the most beautiful of all the intoxication. And as I have always loved to say for whole of my life, I’ll stick to it, that the intoxication of life and being conscious about it; is the best of all unconsciousness’s ever. Life itself is intoxicating and if at all you depend on the other intoxications, it will do nothing but will ruin your life. Fun of enjoying the very moment with open and awake eyes is far better than being drunk and senseless for whole of your life. Intoxicate yourself with passion, goal and x- factor to live a much better life.

Life is intoxicating in itself.

One, who knows how to choose wisely, will enjoy than destroy.

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